planned-parenthoodI am trying hard not to say anything (yet) about our upcoming prez.  But I can’t ignore all politics.  This came to notice: House Speaker Paul Ryan announced yesterday that Republicans will once again push to cut off federal tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. Republicans have tried and failed to do this in the past. President Obama vetoed a similar bill last January.1

So now women are going to be punished for even running for President?  The underweight babies will suffer too.  And the children who no one wants.  An aside: One of the guys I worked with said that his sister had a deformed baby.  (I think the PC term is special needs child.)  One day she was driving by a Planned Parenthood center where there were protesters.  She took her baby out and walked down the line asking who would want to adopt her child.  No takers.  Just people who want to control others.

I had never read The Feminine Mystique, by Betty Friedan, but got it from the library and skimmed it.  Most of it you could get by following Betty Draper in Mad Men.

But  in the Epilogue I got an idea of why so many women voted for Trump:

At first, that strange hostility my book—and later the movement—seemed to elicit from some women amazed and puzzled me… if you were too afraid you wouldn’t really make it, too afraid to face your real feelings about the husband and children you were presumably living for, then someone like me opening up the can of worms was a menace.

Then there was an idea I had never heard of:

Society had to be restructured so ‐ that women, who happen to be the people who give birth, could make a human, responsible choice whether or not—and when—to have children, and not be barred thereby from participating in society in their own right. This meant the right to birth control and safe abortion; the right to maternity leave and childcare centers if women did not want to retreat completely from adult society during the childbearing years; and the equivalent of a G.I. bill for retraining if women chose to stay home with the children.2

poetryA friend of mine posts poetry sessions on her Facebook page.  This one hits the woman and the black:


old-cyclist105-year-old man sets record by cycling more than 14 miles in an hour
Frenchman Robert Marchand, who previously broke record in over-100s category, sets time in new over-105s class2.

I had mentioned this guy back in 2012, when he was “just” 100.4



6 Responses to “Women”

  1. Jim Says:

    Around 70% of Americans oppose being taxed to pay for these women to get abortions. It is the pro-life majority against the pro-death minority. Should Trump oppose this pro-life majority and support the pro-death minority?

  2. Jim Says:

    How would feel if you had the misfortune of be born deformed, and you learned that your mother had paraded you in front strangers and asked who would want to adopt you? I know exactly how I would feel – heart broken.

  3. Lynda Kagey Says:

    Your tax dollars are not being used to fund abortions. That is already specifically prohibited, Planned Parenthood dollars are used to provide cancer screenings, pregnancy tests, prenatal care, STD and HIV tests, and other preventative measures and health care for women.

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