Last Minute Xmas Gifts

mouse-slippersMost of you know that you can buy slippers to look like animals, or “bear” feet, or even Dory slippers1, but here are a few more interesting ones.2foot-shoes



A couple of years ago for her birthday I gave my daughter a pair of grass flip-flops (left).3 Too weird for her.mouse-mouse


Then there is the mouse-mouse.4 Thought to give my son one,  but as he has to kill mice in his epigenetics lab, I figured it might be A Bit Much.



Photos I Can’t Look At

An architect I knew had a huge photo of the guys on the beam on his wall.  I couldn’t look at it.rockefeller-beam-workers-lunch-construction

The iconic photograph of workers enjoying their break whilst perched on a beam 69 floors up was, in fact, just a publicity stunt… taken on September 20, 1932… during the construction of the RCA Building (later renamed the GE Building in 1986).5

A publicity stunt meaning they were 69 floors up, but they didn’t usually eat lunch up there!  Here is a short documentary on it: More of those terrifying photos!

The one in color (above, left) was in an ad in the NY Times Magazine.  Jamison Walsh on the spire of 1 World Trade Center, photo by Jimmy Chin for The New York Times6  Here’s a video of the photographer at the top!



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One Response to “Last Minute Xmas Gifts”

  1. Jim Says:

    Slippers I have never even imagined existed! A rat terrier might grab your foot, believing it to be a rat!

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