Election Results

Okay, I have to talk about the results.  A friend emailed:

I hope that you are doing well and have good friends to encircle you.  I am Sick, Angry and Hurt.  I have NEVER been so disappointed in my fellow countrymen.  I cannot support that Lunatic to be the head of my country!
We marched in Denver last night.  Maybe a couple of thousand showed.  I only found out about it at the last minute, so the low turnout could have been because of the light publicity.
The Huffington post has an interesting article about the Electoral College: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/douglas-anthony-cooper/the-electoral-college-was_b_12897066.html?ncid=engmodushpmg00000006
I hope that you have found solace in the positive posts on Pantsuit Nation.

She was in one of many protests across the United States.  These are just a few of the hundreds of photos on the internet:

protest4  protest3

protest2protests-californiaSo I replied:

The class I’m taking at the U (for us ol’ folks) is about Latin American history since the conquistadors, Imagining Latin America: Myths and Realities in Modern Latin America.  A third of the class was missing Wednesday morning; I wore all black. One of the women said that her parents had survived the holocaust and she was crying (serious tears) about our new prez being a fascist. It is a liberal group.  My Writing Fundamentals students in the afternoon at the college were oblivious. Think most of them didn’t bother to vote.  And so went the nation.

Tried watching some satirical television, to see how they handled the results.  Maybe cheer me up?  No way.

No SNL Weekend Update yet.

I googled can trump be worse than george w? and all I got were YES’s.  (Try it yourself.)  I wish we had gotten rid of the Electoral College years ago.  It’s not working as conceived.  See my friend’s Huffington Post reference.  (Also, I had to look it up to find out how we even designate number of electors.  This from Wikipedia:

A state’s number of electors equals the number of representatives and senators the state has in the United States Congress. In the case of representatives, this is based on the respective populations. Each state’s number of representatives is determined every 10 years by the United States Census.)

Gore won the popular vote. Without the Electoral College we would not have had the fictitious Weapons of Mass Destruction, or the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Hillary won the popular vote. Without the Electoral College we would not have Donald Trump for our next president. And the first First Lady whose nude photos you can find on the internet (from the British GQ magazine). http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/donald-trump-melania-trump-knauss-first-lady-erections  Ivanka (his daughter) Trump’s nude shots are also on the Net.  Taken this year.  What a family.

And Exit polls show white evangelical voters voted in high numbers for Donald Trump, 81 percent.  That from the Washington Post.  In addition, 53 percent of the white female voters in this country voted for Donald Trump.  That from the New York Times.  Yup, just the way you’d want your daughters to grow up.  (Sorry guys – I’m not going to post any photos here.)

I was going to continue this blog with other subjects, but they all seem lame by comparison. Sigh.  Tomorrow is another day.  But frankly, my dear, I do give a damn.


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