barakOn NPR the other day President Barack Obama was doing standup comedy at the White House ceremony for National Medals of the Arts and Humanities recipients.

I thought how humorless our two presidential candidates are, but then I remembered Hillary on SNL and Donald on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:



I still do not have a working television (since 2006, when I moved to North Carolina and the cable connection was ripped from the back of my old TV), and have subsisted on NPR for the news and DVDs from the library, Netflix, and for those oldies but goodies, Casa Video for entertainment.  Have I missed TV?  Nope.  But when I moved to my present abode I gave the old behemoth (which may have been my mother’s) to my handyman as it was so old that all of the places I called to donate it said nope.  My daughter lent me one of her spare flat screen TVs, which she had thought was smart (and therefore could connect to my WiFi).  But it wasn’t.  So I continue without TV, but with the addition of an Amazon Fire TV Stick, so I can share my son’s Netflix streaming.

I watch the Gray’s Anatomy soap opera with blood, have tried Orange Is the New Black, but didn’t like it, and recently have tried a few of the newer programs that I read about in the NY Times,  Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and Stranger Things.  Love this Stephen Colbert spoof of Stranger Things: and another with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show:  Tried American Crime too, but didn’t like that.  Guess I’m too

Would prefer Outlander, but that’s on Starz, and Game of Thrones, but that’s HBO (but can get it from Netflix DVD well after the season is over – releases November 2016).  Those have totally awesome settings: Northern Ireland, Malta, Dubrovnik in Croatia, Morocco and more for Game of Thrones (three shown above), and, for Outlander, 15game-3 game-1locations outlander-1outlander-3in Scotland, and more in Prague and England, doubling for Paris and Versailles (two shown here)




game-5Plus those outfits!  A few here from Game of Thrones.


I think Daenerys Targaryen – Mother of Dragons, with platinum hair – has the best outfits (above left), but her (first) husband, Khal Drogo, had the best makeup.  Some fans really get into it:

‘I turned myself into a Game of Thrones star – now women keep proposing marriage’: Ordinary Joe put on 10lbs of pure muscle to become real-life Khal Drago – and even speaks his LANGUAGE!



And a few from Outlander.  Yes, those are supposed to be pierced nipples, on Louis XV’s mistress, Madame Nesle de la Tourelle (bottom left).  Read the text:

outlander-5Outlander Season 2 2016

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