Aegean Day 10


Found more photos from yesterday in Nisyros.  Believe we hiked around a town above the volcano, Emborio.  Must show you the narrow lanes and the stairs:



Just another beautiful morning on the Aegean. As we “sail” – motor – away from Nisyros I catch a whiff of sulfur.  On to Tilos.  


Because we are travelling during our mid-morning break, no cappuccino freddo.  Maria served us frappes, which she makes from Nescafe (instant coffee), stirred in a bit of water to dissolve it, then poured over ice and mixed with frothed milk and a teaspoon of sugar. Thought I’d try it as I’m getting used to the multiple cups of coffee we’re consuming (which is why I’ve ceased taking naps). Back down to one cup when I return to the States.



We drove up a winding road visit the Monastery of St. Panteleimon. Funny that it is located at the end of the only road on Tilos, but our van driver has to use his GPS to find it. (Notice more of those high, narrow stairs without a handrail.)

IMG_6317IMG_6322Next a tiny museum, the Dwarf Elephant Exhibition, devoted to the island’s extinct species of pigmy elephant, the bones found in a cave on the island.  (This is another museum that says it’s closed, bu Maria gets us in.) Next door is another small Byzantine church. Lunch at a restaurant with a patio looking across the island, cats attending.


IMG_6331Weather is forecast for strong winds and rain in the evening, so we cross to the small island of Chalki after lunch.  From the sea the port town of Chorio is beautiful, all of the buildings, stacked up from the bay, are different pastel colors, the shutters in bright colours, the door and window frames white, the roofs tiled.

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