Aegean Day 3


greek spiney spurgevenice 630After a “scenic crossing to the sacred island of Patmos”, and lunch, we donned our “stout shoes or walking boots” and trekked to the top of the island through thistle-laden fields and paths lined by a round sticker bush (Greek Spiny Spurge – not my photo) that does for thorns what Ai Weiwei did for stools in his sculpture at the Biannale in Venice. We viewed a few stones still making up Roman walls of the acropolis as well as the entire island and about six other islands in gradated shades of blue-gray, the air was so clear, the islands so close together.


E took a group photo – I must get a copy, but here is my “group shot”. I thought that I was in pretty good shape, what with my daily aerobics, but the hike (a mere 880 ft above sea level) had me huffing and puffing.


One Response to “Aegean Day 3”

  1. Kim Blair Says:

    Wow looks like a GREAT trip. Thank you for sharing!

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