A number of friends have asked why I stopped blogging.  I don’t want to go into it in a lot of detail, but I stopped when I got valley fever last summer and was spending all of my not-working hours sleeping. (That was also when my daughter and her family moved back to Tucson, so I had gone house-hunting with them.) That lasted three months.

Also, in the fall, in addition to teaching a writing class, I was taking a 3D computer aided drafting (CAD) class in preparation for teaching it in the spring. The full-time instructor would be taking the semester off to have a baby. Problem was, I had only taken one class in it (Revit) previously, and had never used it for work. The head of the CAD department said that I’d be fine if I took the refresher course. Hardest class I’d ever had, except for the class in lost wax (see previous blogs starting with                                    Way time consuming.

Then, in the spring, it seemed that I was using all waking hours in which I was not tending grandchildren preparing for or teaching the class. (Yes, I did fine.)  To further complicate my life, in January I sold my house, and had to have fixed a list of items that the inspector deemed necessary, such as repairing the roof.  (I balked at mold remediation in the garage wall – it was a garage – and my realtor ate that one.)

In addition, I had to find a rental to move into. That was not an easy prospect, as rental agents “own” their own properties. I ended up searching the internet myself, and after looking at various apartments and condominiums with no yards, or back walls four feet from the back sliding door, I contacted a myriad of agents to find a rental house.  My daughter asked that I move closer to her, in Oro Valley, and I finally found a tacky builder house (looks like all the rest on the block), split level, about 12 minutes away. (I had been 45 minutes away previously.)  Too many rooms,  all too small.

Next came the move itself. I did a lot of culling, but still have more than I had in South Carolina. Hired movers.  They broke a few items, but my daughter and son-in-law couldn’t have managed my large furniture. Compromised as to what went where as the stairs were too narrow for my couches, bookshelf.  Finally had to unpack, hang artwork, decide in which small closet to store nostalgic items that I should get rid of. (Have “lost ” some pieces.)

In the next blog I’ll skip this past year and get right into my vacation.

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