April Fool’s Day

April started with a friend posting on her Facebook page:
So we’ve decided to sell our house, moving to Puerto Rico!

My daughter posted:
trailerJosh and I are super excited to move into our next adventure… we have decided to take a little break from “real” life and have purchased a camper to move into with the kiddos for the next 6 months to a year. We haven’t decided yet where we will be parking and living, so let us know if you have any good suggestions!


yellow 009A few weeks ago got up at 5am (!!!) to go birding with a friend.  Noticed that while she was looking up, scoping birds, I was looking down, taking photos of the wildflowers.  We both checked out this broken saguaro.

(When T. S. Eliot wrote, April is the cruellest month, birding 013he wasn’t living in Arizona where our temps are in the low 80’s.)

birding 011

House for Sale

Many people won’t consider buying my house because it has stairs.

If you go to New York City, you will find thousands of 85-year-old ladies climbing three flights of stairs and shopping with their bundle buggies. They claim that those stairs, and the walk to the bodega, keep them healthy. In fact, we need to bring people closer together, not spread them apart with ever-bigger bathrooms in bungalows. Climbing some stairs might not be a bad thing for some people, and it might keep them out of wheelchairs. (Isn’t that better than designing our houses for living in wheelchairs?)1

More from Facebook

Sent this to my niece, who lives in Brooklyn:

My daughter posted a photo of my grandson (age 6) at the doctor’s with strep, and a photo of the grocery list he made for her.


I bet Monty Python could do a spoof on this.  (Read it with an English accent.)

The Queen has spent a second day enjoying the spring sunshine in Windsor Great Park this week.

Her Majesty, who is approaching her 89th birthday, was spotted riding her faithful black Fell pony, Carltonlima Emma, as she was joined by Lord Vestey [one of the richest men in England] and her Head Groom Terry Pendry in the beautiful park close to her Windsor Castle home on Monday.

She was well prepared for any spring showers in a lightweight waterproof, and, as is her wont, eschewed a helmet in favour of one of her silk scarves.2

liberalA friend posted this, Being Liberal:





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