100 Year Birthday

building downtownTucson’s original Odd Fellows Hall, built in 1914, had a birthday bash Saturday.  Music (darn – did not get the name of the very young woman who played the guitar beautifully), birthday cake (yummy chocolate from Janos), and a talk by local preservation architect, Robert Vint.  Skipped the cocktail – too early for me.

Tim Fuller and Barbara Grygutis own the building, which also contains Janos’ Downtown Kitchen and Terry Etherton’s Gallery.  I had never met Tim, but have been friends with grygutisBarbara since I bought a sculpture of hers.  (Must take a better photo of it.)  Have known Janos since our sons were in pre-school together.  (Even had the family for dinner at our cabin on Mt. Lemmon – what chutzpah!)  Have known Terry since I bought a painting of Nancy Miller’s from him.  But didn’t know anyone else at the celebration!

tepRobert Vint actually said little about the Odd Fellows Hall; Tim told most of the stories.  But Robert had nothing nice to say about the new TEP building across the street – shown here from a Google map – despite the fact that UniSource Energy plans to secure a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification for the new building from the U.S. Green Building Council to ensure that it meets high standards for energy-efficient construction and environmentally sensitive design.    The Odd Fellows Hall is pleasant to look at, but all of those front windows face west, hot as hell, the worst possible choice for the desert.  And is it really desert architecture?  Come on, it could exist Back East.

You probably wonder what Odd Fellows are.  Another one of those 18th century men’s clubs, kinda like the Masons, where their rituals include an ancient secret handshake.  But here’s the official definition:

Started in England around 1748 and established in the United States on April 26, 1819, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows is now a worldwide altruistic and benevolent fraternity and sorority dedicated to improving and elevating the character of humankind by imparting the principles of friendship, love, and truth.1

Physical Therapy

I mentioned in my last blog that I continue to have problems with rotator cuff tendonitis.  So I am now going to a physical therapist and I love him!   He lives in Philly but winters here.  Has both a bachelors and a masters (in physical therapy?  I must ask.)  First he massages my shoulder and bicep.  Then the exercises (which I also must do at home two or three times a day).  Next the best part: stim and ice.

E_stim_Therapy“Electrical stimulation … can be used to treat pain and/or swelling, especially in the acute stage of healing when an injury is new and pain/swelling is inhibiting progress or function. It helps to treat pain by stimulating larger nerve fibers that can override the smaller nerve fibers that produce pain… ”  Eric Sampsell PT, ATC2

It’s great – the electrodes confuse the nerves so that they no longer pay attention to the pain.  The ice pack, which goes around the shoulder, also adds pressure, and decreases the swelling.  Finally, the Kinesio tape so that I look like Kerri Walsh (as if).  It holds the shoulder together; I am finally sleeping through the night again!

kerri_walsh_kinesiokenesio tap


Many of us first saw [Kinesio tape] on the shoulder of US Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.3

The Ant Chronicles continued

These seem to be the kind of ants I have.  Nothing really to hate, like army ants – you may have read Leiningen versus the Ants as a kid, or fire ants, prevalent in the South.  This article from the Arizona Daily Star from three years ago:

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