Cold Mornings

halloween weatherFall has arrived.  Check out the change in weather we had a week ago:

The cold mornings have meant going from iced coffee to hot lattes, from homemade granola to stone-cut oatmeal, from my cotton yukata to a warm terrycloth robe.  I was still wearing sandals last week. As of Monday I’ve been wearing closed-toe shoes.

Artist’s Studio

taborA week ago Sunday with CAS6 visited Lynn Tabor’s studio, in her home.  Enjoyed her oils (a display of small skyscapes), but was particularly interested in her pastel skyscapes.  (I did not take my camera, so this is off the Web1.)

And she had tall cabinets with little drawers all filled with pastel chalk (arranged in color order, of course) .  Plus, her studio was immaculate.  Never seen an artist’s studio as clean.

Downtown Tucson

A week ago Wednesday evening toured The Flats at Julian Drew Block2 with a Sierra Club group. Downtown Urban Living has never been more affordable!  84 WalkScore; 100 BikeScore.  (No parking available.)  The ONLY Condos for purchase in Downtown Tucson.

Usually don’t go out in the middle of the week, and was surprised to find so many people downtown, especially as it was a Wednesday night!  Guess the new trolley helps. Lots of sports bars and restaurants open.

studioBack to the condos.  The developer took an old apartment building, ripped out all of the old wiring, plumbing, and kitchens, and updated the look.  He put in 16 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – mine are rated 13) A/C units, and low-E windows, but didn’t follow through with water shower headconservation.  (Putting in rain shower heads rather than water conserving shower heads, for example.)  Here is a studio apartment.

Developer Ross Rulney got more than $600,000 in street, sidewalk and utility improvements outside his downtown property in return for a commitment to build 53 condominiums.3

Ross is now building condos in Oro Valley in the abandoned, partially built Sunway Hotel Group’s development on the northeast corner of Oracle Road and Linda Vista Blvd.4

UA Dance

Saturday evening attended a UA Dance performance in the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre. WOW – loved the modern dance, imaginative with humor and great costumes. (Could have done without the ballet.)

Unbreakable… used 8 dancers to explore the intricacies of glass…
Five Studies in Locomotion showcased music from Mozart to Moon Dog, including Shostakovich, Hough and Glazunov…7

The Election

Totally depressing.

Early Thanksgiving

Bruno, our tour guide on CAS’s trip to Italy (see my blogs for the trip5) and his wife, neither of whom had been in the States before, are visiting, so CAS6 had a potluck Thanksgiving dinner for them this Wednesday evening.  All American food and wine.  A feast!  At the beautiful home of the S****s, a modern design with views of the mountains and the city. B is Principal Emeritus of S**** Associates Architects. Their large collection of art is pretty incredible too.

Was surprised that B didn’t know that I was an architect.  That conversation over 22 years ago is etched indelibly in my mind.  I had just graduated from architecture school and interviewed with him.  The next day he called me and apologized that he couldn’t offer me a job because his son would be taking over the firm and would feel uncomfortable managing a person older than himself.  A professor of mine was astounded that they hired T, a less than mediocre student, over me, top of my class, AIA Silver Medalist, etc.  Sure, blatant age discrimination.  But, sigh, I’ve also experienced sex discrimination, at my last firm.  Happens when only 16% of the AIA’s membership is female.  At least I don’t have to wear a burka.

hybiscus 002Blooming

My hibiscus is blooming.  Unfortunately, as I remember from Jamaica, each flower only lasts a day.

6Tucson Museum of Art’s Contemporary Art Society

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