Decorated Skies

clouds 009

White billowy clouds,
But no precipitation –
Decorated skies.

Rogue Theater

Saw the play at the Rogue Theater last weekend.  Clifford Odet’s Awake and Sing, about lives of an urban family during the Great Depression,1 was pretty good.  Go see it!  David Greenwood, who plays the grandfather, Jacob, is in my qigong class.  He was great, sounding like a Jewish patriarch, and no longer in my head as the Southern father in Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, in which he was fabulous.

texas mountain laurelThen had drinks with friends.  He gave me one of their white pomegranates, and seeds from their Texas mountain laurel tree, which are bright red.  (I’ll have to add a photo after I cut into the pomegranate.)  Maybe because I’d been discussing hallucinogens in my last blog.

The Texas mountain laurel is called mescal bean by some gardeners. It forms a seedpod that contains red, round beans by late summer. The beans cause hallucinations at low levels. The beans are also very poisonous if the alkaloids within are released. The same seed coating that protect the seed from drought, however, will allow it to be swallowed and pass through our bodies without harm, in most cases.2

The friends also suggested that for organic food I join the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)3 which has pickups at the old Y, which is also the home of the Rogue Theater.  This last week’s produce was bell peppers, cubanelle or marconi peppers, honeydew melons, okra, red onions, roasted chiles, roma tomatoes, summer squash.  I must think about that.  I remember when my daughter was in a CSA in Phoenix and had huge amounts of greens during the summer.  She had called to ask what to do with mustard greens.  I’ve never cooked mustard greens!  And it might be too much food for one person.

The Tucson CSA quotes Michael Pollan (who wrote The Botany of Desire, which I had discussed two blogs ago4), Eat Food, not too much, and mostly plants.

Rosacea continued

A few blogs ago5 I mentioned that my cousin had recommended argan oil with oregano oil for my rosacea. The guy at The Vitamin Shoppe (pronounced shop-ee?), when finding argan oil for me, mentioned that he thought emu oil for good for rosacea.

The emu is a flightless bird that resembles a small ostrich. Emu oil is taken from the fat of this bird during processing. It is used to make medicine.

Emu oil is taken by mouth for improving cholesterol levels, as a source of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, for weight loss, and as a cough syrup for colds, H1N1 (swine) flu, and flu.

Some people apply emu oil to the skin for relief from sore muscles, aching joints, pain or inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, shin splints, and gout. It is also used topically to improve healing of wounds, cuts, and burns from radiation therapy; to reduce bruises and stretch marks; to reduce scarring and keloids; to heal surgical wounds caused by removing skin for skin grafts; to reduce redness due to acne; and to soften dry cuticles and promote healthy nails. Emu oil is also used topically athlete’s foot; diaper rash; canker sores; chapped lips; poor circulation; and skin conditions, including cancer, dry skin, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles or age spots. It is also used to protect skin from sun damage and to promote more youthful looking skin.

Emu oil is also applied to the skin to reduce pain and irritation from shingles, bedsores, hemorrhoids, diabetic nerve pain, insect bites, earaches, eye irritation, “growing pains,” and frostbite. It is used for rashes, razor burn, and nicks.

Some massage therapists apply emu oil to clients’ skin as part of their treatment.

Some people put emu oil inside the nose to treat colds and flu.

Emu oil (7%) is used in combination with glycolic acid (10%) for lowering blood fats including triglycerides, and low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol; preventing and treating allergies; preventing scarring; treating headaches, especially migraines; preventing nosebleeds; treating and preventing cold and flu symptoms; and relieving discomfort associated with menstruation.

In veterinary practice, emu oil is used to reduce swelling in joints, prevent cracked or peeling paws, calm “hot spots,” and reduce irritation of flea bites.

In manufacturing, emu oil is used to sharpen and oil industrial machinery, for polishing timber and leather, and for conditioning and waterproofing.

How does it work?

Emu oil contains chemicals called fatty acids that might reduce pain and swelling (inflammation). There is some evidence that emu oil might work better for sudden (acute) inflammation than for ongoing (chronic) inflammation.

When emu oil is applied to the skin, it has moisturizing and cosmetic properties that resemble mineral oil.6

With all of its claims (cholesterol, aching joints, cuts and burns, dandruff, hemorrhoids, colds and flu, migraines…) emu oil sounds like the old snake oil…


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12 Responses to “Decorated Skies”

  1. Price K Says:

    Try a mix of oils called “Azulene” – you can find at a beauty supply store.

  2. Jim Says:

    I grew one from seed, in a 1 gallon pot. They thrive in well drained soil and die in clay soil. It is now 2 feet tall and ready to transplant to the septic tank leach field where everything has thrived. I purchased the seed from seed vendor in Tucson.

  3. Jim Says:

    If I had rosacea, I would note all the dietary changes I made since getting this medically incurable autoimmune disease.
    I would also drink enough water to excrete pale yellow urine, so as to be removing the toxic metabolic waste products from my blood. And I would eat enough fiberous salad, fruit and grains to regular have a bowel movement in no more than 24 hours.
    Finally, I would note what other ailments I had at the same time, because in many cases the same biological cause produces several different diseases.

  4. Jim Says:

    I would also take a close-up photo of my face now and then another one in month, to note if there are any improvements. And in a diary, I would similarly compare the symptoms now and 30 days from now.

  5. Jim Says:

    The fact that different foods have been shown to cause rosacea in different humans is the result of biochemical diversity.
    The fact that rosacea has been scientifically proven to coexist with low digestive hydrochloric acid production, suggests to that undigested food is getting into the blood stream. And in such a case, I experiment with eating smaller meals.

  6. Jim Says:

    After doing the Google research and coming up with the proven low hydrochloric relationship to rosacea, I checked to see what Jonathan Wright and Lane Lenard knew about the subject, in their book, “Why Stomach Acid is Good for You” and learned that they state that depression, osteoporosis, acne rosacea are often improved by improving digestive function. I now suspect you can cure yourself by eating smaller meals and following their suggestions.

  7. Cousin Melissa Says:

    Yes, the gut being healthy has everything to do with the body being free of disease. When H had a colitis inflammation, his rosecea would always appear. Now that colitis is gone due to huge changes in diet and adding VSL3, a potent probiotic, so is the rosecea. The oregano oil helps to kill the mites I think and Argan is also healing.

  8. Jim Says:

    I split meals with Mary too, and it is still a bit too much for me. A man who lived to nearly 100, Luigi Cornaroo, wrote a book explaining how he did it. Basically, he reduced his meals until he experience no digestive discomfort; and discovered, in his old age, that if he added a little more food is made him ill. He did not know about hydrochloric acid, and did not understand

  9. Jim Says:

    I noticed how my grandchilden, fast growing boys, eat less than I do, for their size. And yet they are both strong and fast runners. And I remember as a child, my mother insistence I finish all of food on my plate; and I refusing. Evidently, exercise, not more food is essential for health and vigor.
    It is a scientific fact that as we age, we produce less hydrochloric acid, and therefore cannot digest the same quantities as we did in our youth.

  10. Jim Says:

    From what I have learned up to now, since looking into rosacea yesterday, I can now formulate into a rule: a person can eat no more than he can digest, without causing disease; and, each person must determine for himself the exact quantity, by trial and error experimentation with precise observations.

  11. Jim Says:

    Alan R. Gaby’s book’, “Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis” contains crucial additional information.

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