I thought that this was great –

Photo Tip #55: When shooting candid portraits be careful to avoid distracting elements like chandeliers that appear to grow right out of your subjects' heads.

Photo Tip

A friend of my brother edits Shutterbug, a photography magazine.  This on his Facebook page-

Photo Tip #55: When shooting candid portraits be careful to avoid distracting elements like chandeliers that appear to grow right out of your subjects’ heads.

I am presently reading The Experience of Landscape, by an Englishman, with comparisons to the Mannerist school of painting, the Picturesque school, the Arcadian myth, quotes by Milton, Spenser, Alexander Pope, and Tolkein – you get the idea.  It is very dense, but I’m getting a lot out of it.

I remember feeling that the gardens at Versailles were a bit much, then getting to England and loving Capability Brown’s landscapes.  Now I know the error of my ways.  The top is his design, the bottom drawn by T. Hearne according to “picturesque” principles.

capability brown


The large mesquite tree has been exploding seeds all over the yard, but since I’ve been home, have seen nary a deer or javelina or coyote1 eating them.  Maybe it’s too hot for them (102°) and they wait until it’s dark.  Not even a bobcat sighting, so here is one of my rants:

Child Tax Credit

Our world is already overpopulated. We are driving more animals to extinction, cutting down more forests, which allow our planet to breathe, polluting our water, and heating up the globe by our overuse of fossil fuels. So why should we subsidize people for having more children?  Because of our belief in the United States of freedom to do whatever we want as long as it doesn’t hurt another person (doesn’t matter what we do to animals or the environment), we can’t restrict families to two children. (China can make rules like that, can even get away with forced abortions.) But why should New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie be featured on HBO Sports Series Hard Knocks talking about his 12 children with eight different women! Or why should we have a reality television show 19 Kids and Counting!

Opponents of the child tax credit argue that children should not be subsidized by the government and such favoritism in the tax code is inappropriate. According to this argument, the decision to have children is a parent’s choice on how to consume income, and therefore should not be favored under an income tax. The phase-out of the refundable portion adds 5 percent to the marginal tax rates of households above $75,000/$110,000 of income, which can disincentivize work. Opponents also argue the credit is wrought with fraud, often pointing to a 2011 Treasury Inspector General report that describes how $4.2 billion in child tax credits were refunded to individuals who were not authorized to work in the United States, but allowed to claim the credit under current law. Furthermore, some anti-poverty advocates argue that the $57 billion annual cost could be much better targeted, since much of the child tax credit (particularly at 2018 levels) goes to middle-class rather than poor families.2

What got me started on this tirade was an article in the New York Times about “a cadre of Republican intellectuals [who] has created a bold new platform for the GOP…” which mentioned,

Senator Mike Lee’s Family Fairness and Opportunity Tax Reform Act which proposes two tax rates, 15% on income up to $87,850… and 35% above that. It would also add an extra child tax credit and repeal taxes associated with the Affordable Care Act.


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  1. Price Says:

    What chandeliers?

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