Oregon Coast

My daughter, son, and two grandsons camped in Sunset Bay State Park, south of Coos Bay (which, with a population of almost 16,000, is the 002011largest town on the Oregon coast) while my granddaughter and I took cooking classes at OCCI.  But we camped with them the first night, saw a large herd of elk, had a ranger show us how to make rope for bracelets from cattail leaves at the Interpretive Center, and spent some time at the beach, where a molting elephant seal was cordoned off.

135After our class we drove up the coast, stopping at the historic Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon’s tallest and second oldest continuously operating lighthouse, but we just missed the tour.  The cold winds drove us back to the car (no doubt why it used to be named Cape Foulweather Lighthouse), but the kids loved the Yaquina Head Interpretive Center.  

137On to the condo I had rented for two days in Rockaway Beach, halfway back to Portland airport.  It was on the first floor (European term), carports on the ground floor, with a lovely barrier of grasses between us and the beach.

It was quite cold, but the kids were fine in their bathing suits, if not swimming.

One day we toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory (where they produce 167,000 pounds of cheese each day), had grilled cheese for lunch, and ice cream from their Creamery Cafe.  (They also make 18,000 gallons of ice cream per day.)

171Portland the last day, warm, with the kids playing in the fountain.

Home, July 22, 2014

texas rangers 001I heard that there had been some marvelous storms while I was gone.  No fair!  That’s the only thing I like about July in the desert. But the texas rangers were bursting with happiness and buzzing with an assortment of bees.

texas rangers 007
Since then it has just gotten hotter: 106° today, 109° tomorrow, but at least some rain is predicted (30% chance of rain tomorrow, which usually means that 30% of the city will get rain).

Street Art

Thought that these were great:

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  1. Jim Says:

    How delightful!

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