July 3, 2014

rattlesnake 001

rattlesnake 006As I was having my morning coffee and newspaper, noticed that my cat’s hackles were up.  The adult bobcat on the spa deck again.  It didn’t stay too long, but later I noticed something else there.  Turns out it was a three-foot rattler.  I may start wearing cowboy boots outside to do my yardwork.


rattlesnake 011

Later in the day, when I was getting changed for qigong, the bobcat was back.  Sat on the spa cover, then opted for the cool ground cover.  Looked up when I took a photo from upstairs, but my flash went off in its eyes.

rattlesnake 012

rattlesnake 014rattlesnake 019


rattlesnake 022


Continuing my reading on landscape architecture.  (Believe this was from Landscape for Living.)  Fascinated by a “whisker dam”.  This from 1937.

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8 Responses to “Rattlesnake”

  1. Stella Says:

    Especially loved that last bobcat pic!

  2. Lynn Shore Says:

    Think I would be wearing boots in the yard if I saw that rattler! Love the pictures of the bobcat.

  3. Price Says:

    Great bobcat pictures. Good shot of the snake also. See you in a month – we have plenty of rattlers here so you don’t need to bring your friend. Experts here say that one reason our bobcat population is shrinking is due to the rat poison folks here use on the fruit rats – bobcats eat the rats thus a final destination for the poison.

    • notesfromthewest Says:

      I am so against poison. Have not even used it on bugs since Alissa was 2 and stood in the back yard on an ant hill with ants streaming over her feet. The poisoners ought to get cats instead. (Or a snake…)

  4. gregjoder Says:

    Beautiful animal!

  5. Jim Says:

    It looks like the same beautiful rattler you saw last year on your patio. I suspect it has a den very nearby. Have to tried following it, to discover where it lives?

    • notesfromthewest Says:

      Jim, you taught me to handle snakes forty years ago, but rattlers weren’t included. I take photos from a distance, but stay away from them. When I had a small (one foot) rattler in the yard I upended it into a bucket, and dumped it over the fence so it didn’t bike the dog, or the Airedale hurt it, but this was a large one, and I no longer have a dog.

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