Sunday morning a coyote strolled by the fence, but her young twins came into the yard to explore.  Only one came to drink.  (Bad photo through screen and window reflection.)  They roamed around doing their own thing, which is why I only have a couple of poor photos to prove that there were two of them.   One of them left the yard soon and the other tried to pull the cover off the spa.

two coyotes 023two coyotes 009







two coyotes 035

two coyotes 042

two coyotes 021two coyotes 038Bobcat

This morning I opened the bedroom drapes to see a large bobcat relaxing on the spa cover.  My cat growled at it.  The bobcat was startled to see the drapes opened, but then didn’t care until I went upstairs to the deck.  Guess it didn’t want any animal above it.  It allowed one more photo, then slithered through the fence and into the underbrush.

big bobcat 007

big bobcat 016

big bobcat 021

1056The patches in the asphalt parking lot at the college are starting to melt.  But it’ll really be hot by Sunday.

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6 Responses to “Twins”

  1. Kim D. Blair, P.E. Says:

    I love the photos! Watch out for Sunday!

  2. Jim Says:

    Bobby is making eye-to-eye contact with you.
    What are the god’s puppies looking at? I suspect they are the only two survivors of the litter.

  3. Price Says:

    Great photos. Our coyotes are much more shy than yours, unless our small dogs are out. We are rumored to have bobcats in the Mission Trails Park where we took you hiking, but in 10 years of hiking I have never seen one – and I am out 3 to 4 days per week typically.

    • notesfromthewest Says:

      When I had an Airedale, no coyotes or bobcats came in the yard, but in the last house, with 6″oc posts in the fence, the javelinas could slip in, and any dog had to watch out. One day the hubby foolishly left the dog food out on the patio and two javelinas fought for it, leaving blood on the flagstones. (Luckily I got that washed out.) Another time the dog had a set-to with one javelina which fortunately ended in a draw, no blood drawn.

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