Young Bobcat

young bobcat 011

young bobcat 012
young bobcat 015I walked into my bedroom to hear my cat growling, her hair on end, her tail puffed up.  A young bobcat, probably the thin one who walked across my driveway a few days ago1, was lying on the patio, panting in the afternoon heat of 101°.  It looked like it needed a good meal!  My cat finally gave up her high-pitched growling with a cough – it probably hurt her throat – and we sat down to watch the bobcat “catnap” for almost two hours! young bobcat 019 (I did read, but didn’t go out to water my newly planted golden daleas, not wanting to disturb it.)

When the bobcat got up to stretch, my cat’s growl reached a new high.  But the bobcat moved to the deck, glancing at the fence.  The same deer, its mate and young’un behind, who had interfaced with my cat yesterday (the cat hunched under the chaise, peering at the deer, the buck staring across the fence at her – did he think that she was a young bobcat?) was intent upon the bobcat.  Bobcats do attack and eat deer.

young bobcat 020young bobcat 026

young bobcat 018young bobcat 030

After I went upstairs to the deck for a cleaner photo, not through the reflections on my dirty sliding glass door, the bobcat saw me and melted into the underbrush, then the deer, the buck leading the way, combing the brush for predators.young bobcat 025


common_nighthawkIn the evenings there are about half a dozen Lesser Nighthawks, which are not hawks, but nightjars, that dart about the sky.  I enjoy them from my deck, but they are much too fast and dexterous to photograph (hence this from the Web).  The Desert Museum says that the Nighthawk flies low, silently and gracefully, searching the sky for flying insects, and maneuvering quickly, almost like a bat.

Ah yes, the nightjar.  I had blogged about one in Peru2:

As I was dropping off the sleep last night I realized that I had had a beer with dinner and had neglected to use the “facilities.”  I was considering getting up, with the suggested flashlight so that I didn’t step on frogs or toads or snakes (on the raised floor?!) when I heard the flapping of wings.  A large winged creature was flying above my tent.  I envisioned a vampire bat and chose not to get up.  The next morning I found out that 1vampire bats only bleed humans when they’re sleeping, 2you can’t hear the flapping of bat wings, and 3it was a night-flying bird, flying around my tent to scoop up insects, the nightjar.

Undocumented Children, the Pope, and You

52,000 unaccompanied minors have been apprehended at our southern border just this year3.  (And who knows how many Canadian kids?)  Since they come from Catholic countries who parents probably abide by the Pope’s encyclical and don’t use birth control, I think that we ought to send them to Vatican City (plane tickets would cost less than the $9.6M to repatriate them), so that Pope Francis can figure out what to do with these waifs (convents, seminaries?)  Maybe then he’d reconsider Pope Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae4.

In fact, I think I’ll write to him.  Why don’t you too?

His Holiness, Pope Francis PP.
00120 Via del Pellegrino
Citta del Vaticano

Most Holy Father,


or use the Vatican’s website to email him:

52,000 kids being housed in Texas, California and Arizona.  Just another reason for World ZPG (Zero Population Growth)!


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5 Responses to “Young Bobcat”

  1. Price Says:

    Pretty cool pictures of the bobcat.

  2. gregjoder Says:

    Those are some great photos of the bobcat! What a nice encounter…

  3. Stella Says:

    Your photos capture the spirit of the bobcat beautifully and all of them tell a charming nature tale!

  4. laserladyMary Says:

    Super photos of the bobcat Lynne

  5. Jim Says:

    I wonder how large is Bobby’s defended territory.
    I wonder how many neighbors enjoy Bobby’s visits.
    I how successful Bobby is at controlling the feral population.
    I do not wonder why normal mothers suffer severe depression after murdering their child, instead of providing adoption.

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