The yellow flowers are fading, but the desert still has a hint of pink 001pink 006pink. From the window of my bathroom I can see the neighbor’s desert willow.

pink 004pink 005In front of the house that I had lived in while building this one, two blocks away, is a large desert ironwood.  Here’s a detail; the flower is a pink and magenta.  (You can click on the photos to enlarge.)

And the Mexican primroses are blooming happily in my 001pink 003

Gang Initiation?

As I was standing in my dining room this afternoon three doves slammed into the picture window and flew off.  A gang initiation?

(Our neighborhood was plagued by what were think were gang members shooting out the back windows of cars left in the driveways at night.  A description of their car was posted on a sign in the next neighborhood over.  They were never caught, and friends are leaving their son’s car in my three-car garage until it is sold, as they have only a two-car garage.)

End of Wax

Today was the last class.  Here are a few photo of other projects. The figure on the left was made by an art instructor who took the class.

One woman (who has taken the class many times) did sheep which she placed on a piece of found sandstone, in addition to the bird on the right above.

Another woman did a lightening bug, which plugs in.  (The eyes she pulled from a doll.)

lightening 2lightening 1
Then two students did metal work, not cast.  One made a cow skull of bicycle parts and other found items.  The other made a helmet.  (A lot of hammering is involved in these!)


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One Response to “Pink”

  1. Price Says:

    I like the lightning bug. Now if it had flashing LED eyes……

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