October, 2013


chick7photoDon’t know if it’s ‘cause my cousin’s daughter has dozens of chickens in Phoenix (about which I have bogged many times – see below1), or it started when I took my grandkids chick8to Superstition Farm and my granddaughter learned to hold a chicken and love it2 but my daughter just bought four chicks and a ready-made coop.   She’s already had them eating bugs in her compost pile.

Tucson Women Artists

moiraSaturday went to the opening at Davis Dominguez Gallery for their Focus-Five Women Artists show to hear the artists speak about their works.   Moira Geoffrion did paintings based on photos from our trip to Cuba a year ago.  (I neglected to take my camera, so these photos are from the Davis Dominguez Gallery website4.  Especially like Julia Andres’ patina work bronzein bronze, Ode to Mexican Picture Gourds.  The weaver, Claire Park, teaches art at Pima.  The exhibit is on through November second.

I have to tell a story about Mike Dominquez.  Mutual friends have a yearly Leif Erikson party in the fall to celebrate the Norse explorer, the first European known to have set foot in North America.  Anyway, one year Mike brought nametags for everyone.  They all said Sven.

humanities weekHumanities Week

Shall be going to Brit Wit this evening at the University of Arizona and Trotsky in Mexico tomorrow evening.  Monday night went to Meteorite Hunters.  Interesting talks, and they’re free!


I blogged about the raccoon next door in February3 and my neighbors are just now seeing it.

I saw a Racoon sitting on our back patio about 4:45 am this morning[Oct 4]. When I turned on the back patio lights he just sat there and stared back at me, them climbed the tree and went over the wall. I know those critters can be pretty nasty, especially to people with pets. Just wanted to make you aware.

I had two of them recently.  They were attracted to the bird feeders.  Destroyed one of them and ate all the contents.  Also this week I spotted a large hawk on the wall.  They can be a threat to small pets too.

A friend of mine used to be a raccoon rescue person when she lived in Mancos, Colorado.  She would nurse an injured raccoon or raise cubs if the mother had been killed.  She taught them to raid her chicken coop for eggs, and trained them catch crawdads and to wash their food in her cattle ponds.

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2 Responses to “October, 2013”

  1. Lynn Shore Says:

    I have friends I pet sit for. They live on a large property which is heavily wooded. In addition to the dogs, cats and fish I feed the wildlife for them- mainly Raccoons. I always have water for them to wash their food. I NEVER try to approach them-just watch. There is also a shy fox that comes out to eat.

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