Verona / Venice 2013

Ok, I’ve been putting off writing my blog, daunted by 68 pages of notes in my tiny notebook, 716 photos, 2” of brochures and handouts that I haven’t even read yet.  But I know:

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Phoenix, Monday, June 10

My computer had refused to check me in for my flight to Verona.  At the airport a Delta rep couldn’t get me signed in either.  Had to get in line for “special help”.  I was getting very nervous as the minutes ticked away.  I asked a floating rep if there’d be a problem checking my bag as my flight was in 40 minutes.  She said yes, for international flights bags must be check in half an hour before departure.  The couple ahead of me let me go to the front of the line.

Turns out when the airline changed my flights and when I protested the new overnight in Atlanta, they rebooked me but did not remove the original booking.  That corrected, I still had to go through security and grab a Starbucks roll and coffee before boarding.  An upsetting way to start a trip.

In Atlanta the planes lined up on the runway reminded me of the sharks in Fiji waiting in line at the feeding station, sleek and patient.

Atlanta to Amsterdam.  Tried to sleep on the flight, even with a sleeping pill and a glass of wine and my own pillow and a window seat so that I could lean against the wall.  Couldn’t do it sitting up!  (My father was a master of that – he could even sleep on a crowded, loud bus).

Amsterdam to Verona in a smaller plane, this one with a screaming infant.  Plus you knew you were in the EU – not just no free lunch, but no free drinks either.  OJ €2.50 ( $3.25).

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