Verona, Tuesday, June 11

Arriva a Verona

verona wall

Hot day here in Verona: 83°F 94% humidity (feels like 96° according to the nifty Heat Index Calculator I found online.)  Took this photo of the city wall on the way from the airport to the hotel.  The Hotel Accademia, named after the former Accademia dei Filotimi which was founded in 1565 (to revive in the ancient town’s nobility an interest in the disciplines of chivalry), was built in 1797, renovated in 2007 and 2010.

Day to ourselves as our group keeps arriving.  Lunch in the Arena Piazzabra.   This photo of the Arena di Verona from my seat in the café.  It’s still in use!

arena de verona

The building itself was built in the first century AD on a site then beyond the city walls.

arena-di-veronaM & C are coming back here after Venice.  Our guide, Bruno, got them tickets for Aida in the Arena, very difficult.  He said the Germans snatch up the opera tickets a year in advance.  He also said that candles are distributed to the audience and lit after sunset around the arena – a beautiful shower of stars.  (Photo from the Net.)

Trying to distinguish Americans from Italians.  Four obese women sitting in the sun, already sunburned – obvious Americans.  The young couple sitting in front of me smoking – obvious Italians.  (Not that some young Americans don’t smoke, but they usually do it outside a building, in the weather, as our cafes, even outside, don’t allow smoking.)  And groups of people with nametags – obvious tourists.

men's shoesTwenty-five year ago you could say that the Europeans were the ones with T-shirts with no logo, no slogan, just plain color.  No longer true.  Only clue is men’s shoes – the young Italian men are wearing canvas dress shoes, not the clunky gym shoes favored in the US.

This is an upscale neighborhood; many of the shops are American: Tod’s, Ralph Lauren, the Disney store, and Italian ones we think of as American: Benetton, Max Mara.

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2 Responses to “Verona, Tuesday, June 11”

  1. Russ Says:

    Elephant: One bite at a time, indeed. Applies also to our many good meals. I’m looking forward to your blog.
    Your Chicago friend, R

  2. cita scott Says:

    Love your arrival picture, Lynn!

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