Seen last week: a couple walking two dogs, one a tiny thing, the other a shaved St Bernard.  (No doubt his summer haircut.)  Also, a Yarrow Spiny Lizard on a rock as I was in my driveway.  Probably the one who peeks in my kitchen window, or his brother.  (This first ref shows the whole lizard1, the second the blue under his chin2.)  No time for a photo as I was on my way to work, but google Yarrow Spiny Lizard and you get dozens of them on rocks, warming up for the day.

palo verdebloomin' 001prickley pear2Photo of my next-door-neighbor’s palo verde as mine aren’t in full bloom yet, Mexican primrose and, of course, prickly pear.  Cactus flowers are so easy!  Love the painterly quality of this cholla.



twin tempsAnother advantage of cats: they kill scorpions.  My cat had been chasing something around the skirt of the bedside table the other night, but I figured it was some insect, and didn’t check.  Today when I took the skirt off to wash it, there was a very large (3″ with its tail stretched out) scorpion, quite dead.

Twin Falls. Idaho

I’m taking off tomorrow to visit my grandkids in Twin Falls for a week.  My daughter sent me the weather forecast.  And Tucson is slated to reach 100° by Tuesday.


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