A white-winged dove
on the edge of the bird bath
asked me to fill it.

A roadrunner running across the road with a small lizard in its beak.  A neighbor said that she watched a road runner kill a rattler.  First it unfurled its wings (to confuse the snake?)  Then it grabbed the snake in the middle and shook it until its spine broke.  (Don’t try this at home.)  I had never seen a roadrunner with its wings spread, so, of course, I checked it out on the internet and found this video:  (Just watch the first minute or so.)

Same neighbor said that the woman across the wash from her scatters birdseed, attracting pigeons (which we normally do not have here).  But she said that the bobcats hop onto her roof at night (one-story house) and dine on the pigeons.

wasp 004Tarantula Wasp
A tarantula wasp1 had gotten between the screen and the door.  Took a few photos before I drew back the screen to let it fly out.  Its wings are such a beautiful coral.


My large mesquite has been showering pollen.  A light gold dust on everything.  Maybe that’s what I’m allergic to.  (My eyes are red and itchy.)

I’ve had my May Day luncheon for almost ten years (inspired by one in a Sonoma or Napa wine magazine, exchanging bouquets) and we used to dine on the deck.  Last year and this I’ve had to move the tables may day snowinside.  (Sunday 97°.)  You’d think that the globe was warming up or something…  Then the new shows photos of Cheyenne, Wyoming, which received more than a foot of snow Tuesday night and Wednesday morning!

 A Learning Vacation
There had been an article in the NY Times Travel section a few weeks ago, Professional Conferences Double as Vacation Venues2, which piqued my interest, as I love to learn.  But most of the photos were of Davosyoung things.  Except for one, showing people a bit older.  Turns out it was Christine Lagard, Managing Director of the IMF, and Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of Canada, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a bit above me.

There are several levels of membership: the basic level, which will get you one invitation to Davos, costs about $52,000. The ticket itself is another $19,000, plus tax, bringing the total cost of membership and entrance fee to $71,000.

A friend had already told me about TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).  These are two of her favorite talks:


One of my College Algebra students pointed out this article about him in the college newspaper, Student’s winding road leads back home3, proud that he started off hopping freight trains at 13, later getting involved with a girl whose mom was selling speed to the Hells Angels, but now hopes his next realities include transferring to the University of Arizona and eventually earning a Ph.D.

My exercise class is a national thing:

The SilverSneakers® Fitness Program is an innovative health, exercise and wellness program helping older adults live healthy, active lifestyles.

Monday a group of Special Needs adults joined us, with their care staff.  Imagine a dozen people with Down’s Syndrome (actually only on man had Down’s Syndrome, but you get the idea) with varying abilities; some could follow instructions, some not.  Some had a range of motions, some not.  A few of us helped the aides.  Made us oldsters look like we could do anything.  Class went a bit slower today, but I’m so glad they’re out and trying.  They’ll join us once a month.




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  1. Hal Says:

    Don’t forget iTunes U available on iTunes podcasts. There are thousands of courses available. Thousands. All free. Some with video, some just audio. Also Yale–Online Yale Courses. Limited offering but they are really good. (Love your blog.)

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