Signs of Spring

goldfinch 002When I was reading the newspaper in bed this morning the cat was at attention watching a rabbit eat weeds next to my bedroom patio.  But he didn’t eat the dandelion I’ve been meaning to pull out!  The goldfinches are in my rosemary, dining on seeds.

Last week when I wrapped the towel around myself after a shower, something dropped out, the same color as the towel, terracotta, but it was moving.  Can’t see anything without my glasses, so I quickly donned them.  Sure enough, it was a tiny scorpion.  I put a cup over it, a card under it, and dropped it in the rosemary, thanking it for not stinging me.

My cousin’s husband says he would never put his hand in my rosemary, as that’s where I drop all bugs, including scorpions, wolf spiders, and the black widow who was in my garden storage room which I shook out of chickensthe pot.  (Their web is so sticky that I can’t get a cup over them in the house to remove them before they disappear – have to vacuum them up.  Wonder if any of them get out of the vacuum!)

Last weekend was in Phoenix to see my cousins on Saturday, and took easter 023a lot of pictures of her photogenic chickens when she was feeding the animals.  They also bought eggs to raise eating chickens, and had a bevy of chicks, newly hatched.

Then had brunch wildflowerswith a friend in from Denver on Sunday, who was visiting family in Phoenix.  (The previous week she said Denver had a foot of snow!)  When I was driving back to Tucson I10 was bordered by yellow flowers – brittlebush and creosote.  Tucson followed a few days later – my creosotes have blossomed out, joining my colorful yard (photo of my wildflowers) and the Palo Verdes at Pima are in bloom, but the ones in my yard are tardy.

easter 002My compost not only enriches the soil, but sprouts from last year’s seeds.  Have so many volunteer snapdragons that I have filled two pots next to my bedroom patio with them.  Have moved the volunteer desert verbena to the far side of the yard where most of my lantana died from the freezing week we had in January.  I had volunteer tomato plants last fall, but they froze in January too.  Oh, and I have lots of volunteer sunflowers starting, but some of them are not in the drip area.  Will see how they fare.

mesquiteThe mesquites, which lost all of their leaves during the hard frost, have leafed out to a lovely soft green.

My cilantro, mizuna (mustard greens), and arugula have bolted, but my spinach is doing well.  Must put out seeds for bush bean, cucumber, summer squash, cantaloupes, eggplant and tomato plants this week.

crane fly 005I put one of the last of the crane flies out of my house; he buzzed quite loudly when I caught him.  Two weeks ago there were dozens attached to my house, maybe a hundred.  Looks like all they did was mate and die.  Checked Wikipedia:

Once they become adults, most crane fly species exist as adults only to mate and die.

Their larvae eat turf grass, so they’re probably here because of the golf course, as I have no lawn.  Anyway, they look like giant mosquitoes, but they are harmless.

The morning bird calls, including a hoarse dove,  were almost as loud as on the Amazon (see my Peru blogs), but drowned out a few times by four fighter jets cutting across the sky,  roaring out from Davis Monthan Air Force Base.

With the lovely weather of our spring the runners and bicyclists have increased in number.  Think there must have been some kind of run a week ago because not only were there individual runners and a few pairs including two women in Pepto-Bismol-pink tank tops and running shorts, but a pack of seven bunched together like bicyclists drafting, and a few stragglers running up Anklam.  Last week lots of cyclists, including a pack of twelve drafting, all in that colorful lycra.

Sing! Dance! Costume!

Last Tuesday was the last day for my Humanities class Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance!  Went into recent musicals.  I liked these videos the best:

Enjoyed this title song from the film adaptation of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar:  chicagoSuch marvelous costumes – feathers! fringe! – and Judas voicing some great questions – Could Muhammad move a mountain or was that just PR?

From Chicago, its Cell Block Tango.  Love the dancing (wish I could kick straight up!) and the use of the red scarves:

Liked this scene from Company:

pantomTook my son to see Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco when he was in middle school, I think.  Not Broadway, but an excellent performance.  He was awestruck at the boat scene in the underground canal with all of the candles.  Phantom is the longest running Broadway show with almost 10,500 performances, but can you sing any of the songs?

Many in the class have more $ than I do and go to New York a few times a year to see the shows.  Yes, I’m envious.   In contrast, I went to Fiddler on the Roof with my daughter and two oldest grandkids when I was in Twin Falls two weeks ago1, performed by The Dilettante Group at CSI (College of Southern Idaho).  The guy who played Tevya was pretty good, but he didn’t disguise his western accent; the woman who played Golde had such a weak voice you could hardly hear her.  Only Yenta had a Yiddish accent, and she put it on too thick.  There were young guys in fake beards they probably bought for $2.85, Tevya’s house (two walls barely held together at a corner) almost fell down each time someone beardwould go in or out, and mikes squawked whenever they rubbed against clothing, or went out when the actor turned the wrong direction.  But my granddaughter loved it and continued singing Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, throughout the day.  (This photo from the Twin Falls TV coverage.)


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3 Responses to “Signs of Spring”

  1. Price Says:

    Nicely done, as usual. makes Tucson look almost livable. Almost stepped on first rattler of the season (they seem late this year) while hiking in mountains next to our place in San Diego – 3+ feet and lots of noise. pk

    • notesfromthewest Says:

      Haven’t had any rattlesnakes so far this year. But wish some snake (preferably a gopher snake) would clear out the den of mice (not packrats, as they festoon their den entry with cactus) that are eating my prickly pears in the back yard. My cat used to keep their numbers down until I started keeping her inside at night due to the coyotes and bobcats in the yard. At least your rattlesnake was in the mountains and not in your vegetable garden. (That was scarier!)

  2. Laura Says:

    Fabulous! I’ve been hunting for mesquite trees everywhere. It would’ve been a walk in the park for you to find one with a pleasant background. Fun to see our chicks and Roo online. We so enjoyed having you out! Next time let’s make feather wreaths and bottle cap drapes. 🙂

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