Art Happenings

When I was reframing one of my photographs for the House Tour montage1the previous weekend I broke the glass (second time in two months!) so looked up what I thought was the address of the last place I’d gone, but ended up at DeadWood Picture Framing in an alley off 6th.  The last glass I had gotten for $25, this for $13.

When I went back to pick up the newly glassed photo, the proprietor, Bob, said Hi Lynne as if I were a steady customer.  He then introduced me to the other customer there, Nick Georgiou, who creates meticulously hand-stitched newsprint sculptures  such as the huge one I was perusing (my photo, here) which shall be in a show in New York6.  Nick (nice guy) gave me his web address:  Check it out!

Then, chatting with Bob, mentioned Kate Breakey’s exhibit (see my last blog1) and he said Oh yeah, we did her framing.  Makes me feel like one of Tucson’s Art World.  Well, I have a foot in the door.  (OK, just a toe.)  Sold one of Cuban photos at the Cuba reunion party, Face on the Building2,and sold the second, Laundry, at the House Tour.  But, hint, I’m not selling them for the $5,500 Kate’s selling hers for.  Let’s say mine cigar woman shrunkare more accessible art.

Friend Moira (who had the Cuba reunion and who was mentioned in my blog, Grasslands3 – check out her web site for her terrific art4) is now putting together a Pop Up Art Happening, a one-day flower girl 14x24exhibit, 10am to 5pm on April 20th, at the old Borderlands Outlet Store, on the N.E. corner of 5th Avenue and 7th Street, before it is turned into a brewery.   (Unfortunately no free beer.)

And she’s asked me to participate.  I’ll have, from my Cuba photos, my three Cuban Dancers on canvas, each 16×20 (also in my last blog1), two photos, Cigar Woman and Flower Girl, that, when they are matted and framed, will be 28×24 and 20×30, respectively, and Malecón Sunset, 24×36 on metal, all shown here.  (I have places for them around my house if they don’t sell.)  Stay tuned.

sunset - 24x36

CAS House Tour

This was fun.  Another member of CAS (Tucson Museum of Art’s Contemporary Art Society) and I took turns showing my house in the morning so that we could visit the other morning properties.

repp housePage Repp’s house on 13th Avenue, just north of the Speedway underpass, has always intrigued me because we had been told in architecture school that he built it as a project when he was in school.   If you’ve driven down Speedway you’ve probably noticed the grey block buildings (naked repp bathblock not allowed here in Starr Pass) with blue siding pop-outs and bright yellow metal railing for the deck.  He built two houses next to each other, and moved into one.  Liked his rebar fence (shown here.)  The rooms are tiny but there are lots of interesting details, like the stacked glass for obscure windows in the bath (shown here at right) and bedroom – but don’t touch as the edges are sharp.

repp officeNext was his office, repp design + construction (architects love not capitalizing and using + rather than and), in what used to be a shoe store on 1st.   Great metal screen in front to block the west sun, and a photo-voltaic array above the vegetated entry.

ratoff resIn the afternoon visited the Ratoff Residence, designed by Les Wallach, whose work you may have seen in the U of A Helen S. Schaefer Building, also known as the Poetry Center, where I have my Humanities classes, or the Desert Museum restaurant complex.

boteroWhat an art collection the Ratoffs have!  Includes a Miro, a Botero (shown here), and two Georgious!  (See top paragraph.)  When the kids were little, in 1990 or so, we had traded houses for a month with a family in Switzerland and did day trips, one of which was to northern Italy where we saw, in I believe Aosta, a sculpture garden full of Botero’s huge nudes. Guess it wasn’t permanent, ‘cause all I could find on the Net was: by the 1990s, outdoor exhibitions of [Botero’s] huge bronze figures were staged around the world to great success.

menI liked the story of Steve Ratoff buying one of Kevin Titzer’s men carved out of driftwood5.  He then asked the dealer to tell him when there’d be another show.  When alerted, he bought the whole collection, sight unseen.  (OK, I did a lousy job putting the two halves together – I have a very cheap = free photoshop.)

Steve had tons more art, and there were more buildings on the tour, but I’m tired so I’ll leave it there.


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3 Responses to “Art Happenings”

  1. Lyn Says:

    I love vicariously touring the art world with you.

  2. Kim Blair Says:

    I love the Boteros at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Next time I pass, I’ll try to take photos for you! Ours are more modest.

    • notesfromthewest Says:

      I think Botero is great so I had to google his Man and Woman at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Reminded me of the Francisco Zúñiga sculpture in front of the University of Arizona Art Museum. (But I have to admit, I like Zúñiga’s Standing Woman with Hands on her Face better.)

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