Best Movie

Just saw Argo.  Would be a preposterous story if it weren’t true.  That it’s true makes it incredible.  Lots of cuts from the actual newscasts (archival news footage from ABC, CBS and NBC) of the time (1979) and commentary at the end by Jimmy Carter.
If you slept thru the Oscars, it got Best Picture.  Argo is the story of a CIA agent rescuing six American embassy workers who had escaped to the residence of the Canadian ambassador during the storming of our embassy.  He got them out with Canadian passports, after they scouted for locations for their “film”, Argo (bad scifi) in Tehran.  Those six holed up for 79 days.  The other 52 hostages sat for 444 days in the embassy under machine-gun guard and weren’t released until Reagan took office.
The last scene if the movie is not true however.  A chase was added, with Iranian police cars trying to stop the exiting plane.  No eleventh hour escape really happened.  Kinda reminded me of the last scene in the Twilight Zone episode, To Serve Man, where the US government cryptographer, who had cracked the title of the alien book (To Serve Mankind), is entering the alien spacecraft.  His staffer is running towards him crying, Don’t get on that ship! It’s a cookbook!  (Yeah, it’s not really the same, but in both cases the craft leaves.)

Book Festival

umbrellas2umbrellas11Last Saturday did my yearly stint with the Tucson Festival of Books at the U of A mall.  The previous weekend had been 80° and sunny.  Festival day was 56° with intermittent rain.  (Hence all of these photos of umbrellas).  Bad day to have volunteered to man an outdoor booth (for Friends of the Festival – umbrellas7umbrellas10crowd-sourcing support – $30/person/year, as corporate sponsors have been less generous due to the economy.  You too can be a Friend; donate online at

bear4cliffordlillyThe  Lindley Lopez Literary Circus (performing circus acts of literary themes) interested me, but didn’t walk down the mall because of the weather.  Just took photos from my booth.  Loved the kids’ characters wandering around, the Berenstain Bears, Clifford the big red dog, Lilly the mouse (sister of Julius, the baby of the world).

A couple of kids with their faces painted in the children’s section posed for me.  I took lots more photos, but that’s all for now.


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