terry grossterry's voiceFor years I heard Terry Gross on NPR.  She had such a lovely, youthful voice I pictured her like this young blonde (left).

Was surprised when I saw her photo in the NY Times (right).  Turns out she’s only five years younger than me.

Likewise, Diane Rehm’s voice, altered by spasmodic dysphonia under treatment, has her sounding quitediane rehm diane's voiceold.  (Assumed she looked like the woman on the left).  True, she is ten years older than me, but she looks great (right).

I went out to pick some arugula from my garden for dinner and coming back around the house I saw a bobcat dart away across the yard.  My cat was watching intently from the bedroom door.  Had the bobcat been on the patio checking her out?  For a friend or a meal?  Is the bobcat’s presence the reason that I haven’t seen the coyotes in a couple of weeks?  (Coyotes will stay away from bobcats.)

cardinal 004Cardinal
A beautiful male cardinal at my birdbath.

A previous NY Times Travel Issue of its Style Magazine said of Cologne, “It’s pleasing to be in a city where book stores are common.”  Not easy to find one in Tucson.  A month ago I wanted to buy a book for my grandson.  Tucson Mall no longer has a bookstore.  I stopped in Target to get something else and voilà! They had a book section with the one that I wanted.

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