Is it over?

The election is over, the results are known,
The will of the people has clearly been shown.
Forget all our quarrels and show by our deeds,
We’ll give our leader the help that he needs.
Let’s all get together, let bitterness pass,
I’ll hug your elephant, if you’ll kiss my ass.

(Can’t find the author.)

Arizona is still counting votes

Friday, November 16, 2012
Now a week and a half after Election Day, counties across Arizona are still counting votes, and the winner of one congressional race (for Gabrielle Giffords’ seat) is still undecided. (Even Florida has finished counting its ballots!)  Final results of the Ron Barber-Martha McSally race for Congressional District 2 could be in by Sunday afternoon.  As of this afternoon, Barber was up by 923, with 139,993 votes to McSally’s 139,070.

Seen today

A bevy of students leaving the college in periwinkle blue scrubs – obviously nursing students.

Two women, out to walk their dogs, stopping to chat, their leased dogs bored, sitting patiently, looking in opposite directions.

A family of four cyclists in full lycra (this photo from the internet1), plodding up a hill in my neighborhood, which, with its bicycle paths, is popular with the lycra crowd (just found out about MAMIL – Middle Aged Men In Lycra), especially preparing for el Tour de Tucson.

This year’s El Tour de Tucson ride will take place tomorrow, Nov. 21. More than 9,000 cyclists of all ages and abilities flock to Tucson annually to participate in El Tour.

Cyclists participating in El Tour may choose between the 109, 80, 67 or 35-mile rides or the 4-mile or ¼-mile Fun Ride, perfect for kids, parents and friends.

El Tour de Tucson isn’t just a popular cycling event, it’s also a way to give back to the community. Last year, the event raised more than $1.39 million for local charitable agencies.

The Tucson Museum of Art has a show of Barbara Rogers’ art, and I went to her talk last week.  Her latest commission was for Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship on the ocean (16 decks). Her main piece, in the dining room (seen here, three stories high), is almost 27′ by 18′.  She also did sixteen 4′ x 10’s. You can see all of the murals that she did for the cruise ship in a video at the bottom of her blog:

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One Response to “Is it over?”

  1. Lyn Says:

    This 16 story cruise ship reminds me of the VASA in Sweden. A cautionary tale.

    San Diego County has still not finished counting ballots either. Races for 52nd congressional district and County Board of Supervisors are still undecided. There were 464,127 mail in ballots returned which they did not start counting until the polls closed. As of yesterday there were still 167,000+ votes still not counted. DUH….

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