Math Hurts

Guess my students have been right all along.  Here’s an article about a study, High Anxiety -How Worrying About Math Hurts Your Brain:

The latest research shows that even the thought of arithmetic can trigger a physical reaction that looks a lot like pain in the brain.1

Knee Update

The doc said that I’m not allowed to go to any of my exercise classes until I’ve done a month of physical therapy for my injured knee.  I’ve been walking so carefully so as not to turn my left leg, but yesterday getting into the car I did it again, and that shock, not quite a stab of pain, not quite an electric shock, but a shock to the system my knee is collapsing!

The Confetti has Settled

The election is over in most places – even Florida has tallied its ballots – but all of the votes have yet to be counted in Arizona.  As of Friday:

The hand-picked successor of former Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords pulled slightly ahead of his Republican challenger for the first time Friday as more votes were tallied from the election.

Results posted late in the afternoon [Friday] show Democrat Ron Barber with a lead of nearly 600 votes over Martha McSally in the 2nd Congressional District race.

…more than 631,000 votes statewide remained to be counted in the coming days.

Confetti.  Democrats are a confetti of colors: black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and also male, female, gay, lesbian, transgender, young, old (although the old confetti is winkled and frayed around the edges, from wear.)  I love the mélange.  Just like I love hearing many different languages spoken on the streets of San Francisco.  Cosmopolitan.

On the other hand,

As of 2012, the Republican party is 89 percent white with the majority of their voters 65 and older. 2

The American demographic has changed (yet again – it was originally Native Americans!)  Unless Republicans change, they’ll continue to lose.



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