The Vegetarian Coyote

My coyote seems to like the mesquite seeds.  Definitely easier to catch than rabbits or mice!  (Photo taken at dusk, and he was moving.)  Noticed that he preferred pods that had fallen onto a bush, and would stand on his hind legs to get them, but he’d settle for ones on the ground.  From his scat I would say that mesquite beans made up most of his diet.  (Wondered if that was healthy so I checked and there are many vegetarian dog foods on the market.)

Studies have shown that when available, 80% of a coyote’s diet is made up of mesquite pods. [Non-sequitur: The temperature under the tree can be 15° F cooler than the surrounding desert.]

Cardinal v. Woodpecker

A Gila woodpecker and a female cardinal both landed on my birdbath at the same time.  (Unfortunately, my camera focused on the screen.)  After a staring contest, the cardinal won, and got to drink first.  The woodpecker returned after she was gone.

The Northern Cardinal has an orange beak, the Pyrrhuloxia (which I have been spelling incorrectly for a long time) has a yellow beak, and the Vermilion Cardinal has a grey beak.

The Gila Woodpecker has its red spot on its head while the Gilded Flicker (also a woodpecker) has its red spots on its cheeks.

Flash Mobs

I love flash mobs!  I was just sent this one, Beethoven’s 9th near Barcelona, Spain, Beethoven’s 9th and checked out a few others, this at a prison! prison  But my favorite has always been Grand Central Station: Grand Central Station and, of course, the Sound of Music: Sound of Music

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One Response to “The Vegetarian Coyote”

  1. Jim Says:

    Do you see what looks like the indentation of a collar – on your young coyote?
    Coincidentally, yesterday I found berries of two unfamiliar species of shrubs/trees in the scat of our nocturnal coyote. I planted all of them over our septic tank leach field.

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