The First Debate


I saw a large creature fly to the sunflowers, but not having my glasses on in the shower thought that it may be a hummingbird.  Hurried for the glasses and camera.  No, this humongous bee on the sunflower (taking the photo from the bathroom – reflections in the glass) seems to be a bumblebee.  I looked up the difference between honey bee and bumblebee:


  • Thick and furry body, fat all around with yellow, orange, and or black coloring
  • Queens are the only bee to overwinter; they hibernate at the nesting site
  • Bumblebees are natives, with over 25 species specializing on the Rocky Mountain Regions
  • Thick wings visible when landed
  • Various sizes from 2-5cm
  • Live in poorly drained soils. Small nests of 5-50 members
  • Can sting multiple times, but only the females can sting
  • Do not produce a honey surplus like honeybees


  • -Small body, fuzzy torso, sleek abdomen, and thin wings.
  • 2.5cm in length
  • Colonies of 1000-25000
  • Large portion of the colony overwinters with the queen
  • Can sting only once, but only the females can sting
  • Produce a honey comb and honey surplus
  • Honeybees are not natives, bur brought over by Europeans during settlement


Wednesday evening I was on the computer before The Debate was on.  A thin young bobcat walked across my driveway to the stone steps I put in to the drainage swale.  (This is common among all of the animals, using the pavement to ease their perambulations.)  I quickly ran out back to get the cat in.  (She was lazily stalking a lizard.)  Then I ran for the camera.  Too late.  The bobcat had passed my fence to the animal trail to the wash out back.  It looked so tired!  It didn’t seem to have the energy to turn its head or alter its slow gait when I called to it.  From its slim physique I guess it’s not eating well.  Or maybe it was just too hot!  (Temps still in the high 90’s.)

This just in!  As I was inputting this blog, the bobcat walked down the driveway again.  My camera was right here, as I had just downloaded the bee pictures.  The first photo from window.  Then I went out the front door and asked it to pose.  It lay down for a minute.


The First Debate

The analysts have been combing over the first Presidential Debate, and General Opinion has it that Romney won, because he was more “feisty”, but that all of the statistics went over the heads of most voters (too “wonky”).  I liked the Rolling Stone’s analysis the best:

Presidential Debate Aftermath: Mitt Romney Wins All-Important BS Contest

I didn’t watch the debate – I just couldn’t. I read it in transcript form afterwards. I know it is widely believed that Mitt Romney won, but I don’t agree. I think both candidates lost. I think they both sucked. Romney told a series of outright lies – the bit about the pre-existing conditions was incredible – while Barack Obama seemed unaccountably disinterested in the intellectual challenge of the exercise, repeatedly leaving the gross absurdities hurled his way by Romney unchallenged.1

Because I was listening to the debate on the radio, I did not see the President continually checking his notes (which the commentators noted).  Obama seemed tired, but professorial (as the analysts always note), and Romney was on a power high (as potent as crack) for being on the same stage as the President, and very aggressive, and that bothered me.  For just a moment, I thought that yes, Romney should be President, to see how intransigent the Tea Party is.  But when I thought of him as President, I thought of the “great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. Something terrible had happened.”   (Obi-Wan Kenobi sensed Alderaan’s destruction by the Death Star.)

I did think it was rather unfair for Romney to complain that Obama hadn’t worked with the other party, when Mitch McConnell promised to do whatever it takes to keep Obama from earning a second term.

10.3 million tweets were sent out over the 90 minute debate.  I was surprised at the results2:

Finally, I hate to even think about the film Dreams from my Father, but it is out there, and Mitt has not denounced it.  Just read the blog:



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3 Responses to “The First Debate”

  1. Jim Says:

    I had rarely seen bumblebees here, until the 6 seeds of a paloverde tree sent to me by a German friend had matured and bloomed. Now, every summer these beautiful blooming trees are covered with bumblebees.
    Another German friend in Tucson has peccaries and bobcats sleep on her patio. Because she waters the desert vegetation her place looks like an oasis in the desert.
    The American People will only get the kind of government they deserve. With half of them having an IQ below average and a majority of them now having unsustainable moral and ethical standards, it is not surprising that their democracy has degenerated into to a plutocracy. With their Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, they have the means to means to end their plutocracy, when it eventually becomes intolerable. For now, will they let the failed international opportunists Axelrod and Bernanke continue to pull the strings or will dare try the religiously guided nationalists, Romney and Ryan, in executive command?

  2. Jim Says:

    To see for myself what Mitt has not denounced. We went to see Souza’s documentary, “Dreams of My Father”. We took our grandchildren, ages 10 and 12. They sat through the entire film and later asked how someone like Obama got elected president, and if we thought he would be re-elected. At end of the film, nearly everyone in the theater stood up and applauded – as in a live performance.

    Although most of the press commentators are dogmatic liberals, and do their very best to control the outcome of elections – by their subjective choices of facts and propaganda, they fail to fool all the people all of the time because freedom of press does not enable them to suppress opposing commentators.

    Because the American press, liberal and conservative, is now so fanatically biased and dishonest, we get our news from the British newspaper, “The Economist”, and the German television media, “Deutsch Welle”.

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