Your tax dollars support polygamy!

After my blog1 my cousin told me to read Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer.  While The 19th Wife mixed facts about the Mormons in with the novel, Under the Banner of Heaven is non-fiction.  It starts with a few well-publicized Mormon crimes.

I thought that the one regarding Tom Green, who had 10 wives (the youngest 29 years younger than himself) and 32 children, and who was convicted of 4 counts of bigamy (only 4 because 5 of his wives had left him), one charge of criminal non-support of his family, and one charge of first degree felony child rape (his last wife was 13 when he took her down to Mexico and “married” her), and who received 5 years in prison and a fine of $78,868, was of particular interest.  (The latest photo of Tom and his five wives2 here.)

Of interest to me not because of the polygamy, which it seems is not only in the northwest corner of Arizona, but because of the criminal non-support of his family.  A friend had said that she didn’t care how many wives Mormons had (these are not the Romney LDS, but the FLDS – Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), because they took care of themselves.  I thought so too before I read The 19th Wife, the year’s provisions under the bed, and so on.  NOT TRUE!  From Under the Banner of Heaven:

…between 1989 and 1999, Tom Green and his dependents received more than $647,000 in state and federal assistance, including $203,000 in food stamps and nearly $300,000 in medical and dental expenses.  …as far back as 1985, when Green began his polygamous lifestyle …[he] received well over $1 million in welfare.

Jon Krakauer writes that, “Fundamentalists call defrauding the government ‘bleeding the beast’ and regard it as a virtuous act.” Lots of interesting articles on the Web.  Click here: LDS.

Another article  from the internet regarding Warren Jeffs, a Utah polygamist, sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison as picture emerged of 50 brides, bred to worship the polygamous ‘prophet’.3 (Utah County has the highest birth rate in the US, higher than the birth rate in Bangladesh!)

In 1998 Hildale Utah’s polygamist community’s average tax payment per filers was $651 (annual).  The average income tax RETURN was $14,500 (the highest exemptions in the state.) Hildale, where having 15 wives on welfare is considered “normal” and 61% of the families live in poverty.  Hildale, where $405,006 in federal housing grants was paid, for houses (which remained unfinished because taxes on them start when they are finished) whose titles were held by polygamist leaders. Separated by one street, Colorado City received $1.8 million from the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development, $94,000 for its fire station and a government financed airport at $2.8 million, where FLDS leader Rulon Jeffs (Warren’s father) landed his chartered Lear jet when he arrived for Sunday meetings. Rulon Jeffs owned a 4-acre estate in one of the best areas in Utah.

During one month in 1997, 35 households in Hildale received $22,375 for 393 people. Hildale shows a household of 35 receiving food stamps and government aid. Colorado City is filled with unwed mothers without visible means of support, but that in itself creates money. The more children, the bigger the welfare checks. Colorado City and Hildale were on a list of ten top towns with a population growth of over 2000 in the Intermountain West for reliance on Medicaid.  33% of Hildale and Colorado City were using food stamps in 1998. Arizona’s average was 6.7%.4

And one sparked by the raid on Warren Jeffs’ compound in Texas:

Who Foots Bill For Polygamist Communities?
The raid on the polygamist compound in Eldorado, Texas has not only focused public attention on such sects, it’s sparked many questions about them.
One such query: Who pays their bills?
A significant part of the answer, according to Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman is — taxpayers, in the form of welfare.
Kauffman and Laurie Allen, who escaped from polygamy, drove around one such community, in Colorado City, Ariz., and saw many mammoth homes built to accommodate multiple wives and children.
How the man of the house can afford to build such super-sized dwellings! The answer: He can’t. He doesn’t pay for them, you do.
As Allen explained to Kauffman, “What happens is a man marries one wife, she’s his legal wife, then he marries ten other wives in the church, and all the other wives are, by law, single women, so they have all these children with him, and they all get welfare.”
The more kids, the bigger the welfare check, Kauffman points out.
Some of the women in this town have 26 babies,” Allen told her.5

But let’s leave the Mormon crimes, and go into the Mormon history.   I thought that it was interesting how Joseph Smith translated the golden plates he dug up (which the Angel Moroni conveniently took back):

Smith dictated a translation [from their original “reformed Egyptian” language] using a seer stone in the bottom of a hat, which he placed over his face to view the words written within the stone.   Smith published the translation in 1830 as the Book of Mormon.6

This great drawing and description from: restoration

I’m only a quarter through the book so far, but am amazed at the religion.  I guess that if you can believe that Jesus walked on water and changed water into wine (although the teetotalling Southern Baptists will tell you that it was just grape juice) and raised the dead (but why an old guy – why not a young kid who had died?), or believe that suicide bombers will get 72 virgins in their afterlife, you can believe that Jo Smith translated a book of reformed Egyptian text by gazing at a rock in a hat.


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One Response to “Your tax dollars support polygamy!”

  1. Jim Says:

    Yes, quite right. And they also support the international bankers, and anyone else who “donates” vast amounts of money to elected public servants. Polygamist contribute children; what do these racketeers contribute?

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