Monday, August 20, 2012, 6pm

The clouds are rumbley.   Yesterday evening we got a lot of wind (I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in) and a scant amount of rain.  More predicted.

“My” hawk flew by when I was filling the birdbath, and from underneath the edges of its wings looked white, but then it landed in the mesquite and jumped from limb to limb, so I couldn’t get a good photo, but from his tail stripes I’d say that he’s a Cooper’s hawk.  (Click on the photo to enlarge and see the stripes.)  Can’t really tell from google images, are a Cooper’s hawk wings edged in white?

Yesterday evening at this time the young coyote walked through my fence as though it wasn’t there, and continued through to the next yard.  (Look at his lovely tail!)

This morning the javelinas straggled across my drive as I was in my office on the computer, so slowly that I didn’t get a head count.

Went outside to get a closer photo and one looked up at me from the drainage swale and started up the incline right next to the house, getting so close (although on the other side of the large pot) that I backed inside.  Did he want a handout or did he just want to sniff me?  (His back hairs were not standing up.)  Then he backed up and did the usual route through the hedge.

My cat, Cami, rarely wants to go outside now, preferring to watch the coyote from the corner of the bed, or the javelinas from my office table, but when she does go out she sits on the upstairs deck and watches the activity below.  I was a little worried about the hawk, but think it prefers smaller game.  Cami’s a survivor!


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7 Responses to “Monday, August 20, 2012, 6pm”

  1. price kagey Says:

    Lynne: As usual, an entertaining story of friendly, Arizona critters. We are envious of your ability to have clouds and rain. Our area of San Diego has been in 90’s for last 2 weeks – 88% humidity one day. Last Wednesday I was watering the heavily overgrown geraniums along our side stone wall and decided to reach in and loosen the soil around the roots of the largest one – I felt a “sponge” under the roots and wondered what the **** a sponge was doing under the plant. As I was pulling out the sponge I saw I was holding the middle section of a desert rattler – nice gray back with a rough diamond pattern. I have never jumped so quickly and far backwards! The deluge of cold water from the hose and cramped quarters probably slowed down her ability to strike. A day later our neighbor Maryanne (the plant lady) reported a dead 2 foot rattler in road in front of our hacienda – a car got it. Maybe I scared the snake as much as she scared me. Figure I have about 4 of my 9 lives left. After your decluttering job here a few weeks ago our house is still uncluttered – thanks again.

  2. dick Says:

    Lynne – yes it looks like a Cooper’s Hawk, although it could be a large sharp-shinned hawk — the difference is only in the shape of their tails. And size.

    • notesfromthewest Says:

      I had never herd of a sharp-shinned hawk, so I googled it for Tucson. Found this great blog -

  3. Jim Says:

    I see that I missed quite a few of your musings and photos, while away in the Peruvian Amazon. Your beautiful young coyote seems more trusting of you.
    The flood on the Tahuayo this year was three and half meters high at Jeru – a twenty year record. Only our cabin remained above the flood waters. All of the grafted fruit trees died, and all of their gardens were totally destroyed. Jeru has been surviving on a diet of fish, a little rice,and beans.
    The mouth of the Tahuayo was closed by silt, so the Tahuayo broke through to Amazon upriver. The rivers are all so very low now, that white sandy banks are exposed. It was fascinating for me to see this drastic change.
    We finished furnishing our cabin and started a smaller one for Al and Selva. It will accommodate 4. Tito plans to build a 4 X 5 cabin for campers, a the mouth of the Tahuayillo. I promised to donate the screening.
    Ramon’s young wife returned to her village, because his children made malicious comments. Ramon survived a bite on the hand by a fer de lance, which incapacitated him for 4 months.
    Miriam, Rosa, Ramon, and Arturo asked how you were doing.

  4. Jim Says:

    I nearly forgot to mention that your acquaintance, Vruby the Czech, “Vratislave se lego muy gordo y salio muy flaco”.

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