Cool Weather, Heated Politics

August 18. 2012

The other day the newscaster said that it would be “cooler”, with a high of “only” 98°.  Only in Arizona would 98° and cooler be in the same sentence.  But the heat wave is over, having not broken the record of 99 sequential days over 100°.  And the critters are back, now that the temperatures have fallen below 100°.










The two young coyotes were checking out something in the next yard this evening, but behind too much brush for me to get a photo.  I asked for them to pose, and they each stopped to look at me before they trotted off, but not long enough for me to focus.  One of them had been nosing something next to my fence the other morning when I opened the bedroom door.  Startled, he jumped about two feet before he took off.

The female cardinal has been around a lot, but haven’t seen her mate.  Earlier in the day “my” hawk flew out of my large mesquite tree when I went out to the garden.  Saw it a couple of days ago too.  Think the wing span is about two feet.

The other morning I heard the javelinas.  (They chew very nosily!)  Went out with my camera, but the herd was beyond the brush, which is thick along the wash, only a lone youngster chewing mesquite seeds by my fence.  He posed better than the coyotes!  Had the herd kicked him out, forcing him to find a mate in another herd?  He’s vulnerable to coyotes alone.

It’s been overcast, and the past few days the scanty clouds have tried to rain, resulting in darkening the dirt, but if you scratch it, it’s totally dry below the top 1/16”.  My plants have no energy to call out for water anymore.  Drought, wildfires across the West, global warming, but

Last Thursday, in town hall held in Derry, New Hampshire, Romney argued that carbon emissions shouldn’t be regulated as pollutants by the Environmental Protection Agency.


Bugging me

I input what are those tiny black spots on my sunflower leaves? into Google and got ten sites discussing the problem.  Seems that they’re black aphids.  Same when I input how to get rid of mealy bug on my coleus? Many people with the same problem.   

I am ignoring the infestation of the sunflowers, because they’re annuals, but the coleus (seen here in its former glory) was heavily infested when I returned from San Diego, so I gave up and cut most of the limbs off.  Way too many white furry dots to squish.  I neglected to take a photo of the mealy bugs – this from the internet.  If I had to live on what I grew, I’d starve very quickly.  (Ok, ok, you don’t eat sunflowers or coleus, but you get the idea.)

To eliminate the aphids, I could buy a box of ladybugs.  (They love to eat aphids.)  Did that once, about 35 years ago, when I had aphids on my five rose bushes.  About 8pm the doorbell rang, and it was a postman with the box of aphids.  Why did I get the special delivery?  They were afraid that the ladybugs would get out of the box in the post office.  The instructions said sprinkle onto your plants.  So, in the backyard, at 8:00 at night, lit only by the houselights, I opened the box and attempted to sprinkle the ladybugs.  Right.  They were crawling all over the place, on the box, up my arm.  I was laughing pretty hard, but managed to disperse them.  The next day I could only find three ladybugs, but all of the aphids were gone.  In another day there was only one ladybug left.  Because they had been sent from Rough and Ready, California, I figured that they were homing ladybugs, and that they flew back to California to be repackaged.

Ryan’s Budget

Last Saturday morning the clock radio, which I had forgotten to turn off, started and I awoke to a nightmare.  Not from a nightmare, but to a nightmare, as it was announced that Romney had picked Ryan for his running mate.  OMG – that Ryan budget.  Bad for seniors:

Paul Ryan hasn’t ended his adventure to kill Medicare, he has simply changed his method from the electric chair to lethal injection. He does this by turning the Medicare system over to a wild insurance market deregulated by the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

“Obamacare” reduces Medicare Part D prescription drug prices. If it is repealed today, seniors on average can expect to pay $517 more each year in prescription drug costs right now. And if you are a senior that reaches the “donut hole”, Ryan’s plan will helpfully open the coverage gap back up for you, and will cost you an additional $16,000 over the next decade.1

And Ryan’s really bad for women:

He believes ending a pregnancy should be illegal even when it results from rape or incest, or endangers a woman’s health.2

I want to ask everyone who believes that abortion should be illegal for rape or incest, whether they’ve ever adopted one of those children.  Imagine, half of the genes from a criminal.  After the Bosnian War, where Serb forces systematically raped between 20,000 and 44,000 women, I remember seeing photos in 1995, probably in Life magazine, of the babies abandoned, filling orphanages.

The forgotten “rape babies” do not exist in the eyes of the law and are unacknowledged by their families. Most grow-up in a state-run orphanage in Zenica, a run-down building with broken windows.3

Romney’s Taxes

I was being  generous to Romney, thinking that ok, he only paid 13% on his 2010 income of $21.6 million, but he no doubt paid a lot of real estate taxes on his five houses, all of which, of course, are mansions, and googled how much real estate tax he paid.  Couldn’t find that, but found this comment:

The way Romney phrased it, that 13% could include sales and real estate taxes. Indeed, he could have paid NO federal income taxes and still have made the same claim.4

Here’s a website for how much the houses were/are worth.  (He has sold two of them; the Belmont, Mass home sold for $3.5 million in 2009 and the Park City, Utah chalet for a little under $5.25 million.)

Then stumbled onto this article, Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads.5

You decide whether it’s important.






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One Response to “Cool Weather, Heated Politics”

  1. Hal Says:

    I take it you’re not buying the argument that they have to kill medicate in order to save it. I hadn’t thought about counting real estate taxes in order to get to the 13%. Neat trick. –Hal

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