San Diego continued

Mingei International Museum

Sunday we saw exhibits at the Mingei Museum, also in Balboa Park.

The first was TRUE BLUE – Indigo, Turquoise, Cobalt & Lapis Lazuli.I took tons of  photos, impressed with the curator’s work.

Interesting video on how indigo is (primitively) made.

When we went to see the next exhibit, HATS & HEADDRESSES – Selections from the Permanent Collection, a guard informed us that the museum would be closing in 15 minutes.  4 pm!  Thought they were open until 5; so we rushed through.

Especially liked the detailed inside of the “coolie” hat, the feathers, and the hats made of paper bags.  (Click on each photo to see the details.)

Collection Triage

When my friends added on to their living/dining room last fall, L asked me for advice as to what to put in the area.  Of all of my suggestions, she took the free one: move the chairs and bookcases from the TV room.  Hence my trip to San Diego to affect the move.  I should have taken before and after photos.  Only got after.

Above is a photo of the items to be donated.  This does not count the seven grocery bags full to the top with books for the library.  (The shelves had been double loaded with books, therefore the large number donated.)

The moved shelves (top) look great.  We didn’t get the dining room shelves on the facing wall finished.  Too many tchotchkes (gewgaws, knickknacks,  thingamajigs, doodads) in front of books; one or the other has to give, but it’s a work in progress.

Cleared some art from the living room for the wall that the bookcase had been on.  Changed the art above the TV room fireplace for a sculpture they’d had in the bedroom.

Only items purchased were containers for CDs, magazines, etc.  So – I’m for hire for collections triage – keep, donate, or toss!

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