Grumbly Clouds

I do love these grumbly clouds, even when they don’t deign to rain on me.  Keeping the sun at bay keeps the temperatures below 100.


A hawk with a finely-barred tail in the acacia outside my bedroom door.  To get water from the birdbath, or to get a dove getting water from the birdbath?  I see the tail and think Swainson’s (this gorgeous photo of one from  Only got a glance; it had a fan tail rather than the Cooper’s hawk’s narrow tail.  (The right photo of a Cooper’s from Flickr.)  Wow, so many awesome bird photos on the internet!

A friend’s condo had hawks raising a family in the pine trees.  One of the neighbors put a birdbath on the ground between the large rocks.  Took a photo with my cell phone, but neglected to put it on zoom.  (My phone is ancient and doesn’t take those great photos like friend N’s did in Cuba.)  Anyway, friend thought that the hawks were Harris, but here is a photo of a juvenile Harris from the Web:  I don’t think so.


Night before last espied the young coyote eating something outside my garden.  Hard to take a photo through chicken wire.  Yesterday evening I was by the fence repairing a drip line with a crack (still prefer drip irrigation to moving hoses!) and noticed the coyote just a stone’s throw away pawing aside a rock to get something under it.  Or was it there to nonchalantly see what I was doing?  Had a one-sided conversation with it (as I do with all of my desert pals) and it trotted off.

Other birds

Two families of quail in the yard while I sat outside this evening; one family of four on one side, family of eight on the other.

Rather like this photo I took of a white-winged dove on my saguaro.  Here is its call:

Didn’t do too well with the female cardinal.  She turned her head as I shot.  Guess I’ll have to sit in the yard for a few hours with my camera to get any good shots.

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2 Responses to “Grumbly Clouds”

  1. Jim Says:

    I look forward to your wildlife photos and comments, Lynne.
    We had a hawk catch a quail which had flown into our screened door. Overhead, a mile up we now see and hear the golden eagles – both parents and one surviving chick.
    We will try to get a photo of a Harpy eagle this year in Peru. Al told me that he sees them while hunting.

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