Soft Air

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The air is soft this morning, cool and humid.  It’s only 76° at 9am, the humidity 71%.  The clouds are wispy above, but billowing and rumbling over the mountains, marshaling their forces for the afternoon’s thunderstorm.

What air is not soft?  Open a heated oven to put in the bread.  Open your car door in Tucson to that furnace blast after having driven across country in August to move to a desert you knew nothing about.  Like an unexpected punch in the stomach, the oh my god, what have I gotten myself into?

The young coyote was in the yard next door when I went out to the garden this morning.  (Having dug in my compost, seeding bush beans, cantaloupe, Japanese eggplant this month.)  Noticed a bucket on the neighbor’s back patio.  Guess they’re providing water for the coyotes.  Assume with the coyotes around, their scent has discouraged the deer and javelina who would normally be eating all of the mesquite pods under my giant tree.  Haven’t seen a javelina in ages; an occasional rabbit, the usual birds, and the mechanical thrapp thrapp sound of the roadrunner, but not much else.

Reminiscence: right after we had moved into the Bridge House (next door) my husband had left out a can of paint which wasn’t totally sealed.  A javelina stuck his nose in it and knocked it over, so not only did we have hoof prints on the patio, but snout prints on the sliding door!

My sole ocotillo has leafed out with the rain.  The rest of the year it looks dead.  Getting a few flowers from the red bird, and some wildflowers which I had seeded for last fall.  Put in a flat of gazanias last year; most of them died, but I have a few blooms now (center.)  My Lady Banksia rose has not bloomed this year.  Guess I have to fertilize.  Have a half-dozen volunteer texas rangers in the back yard.  Anyone want one?

It rained here Friday.  Yesterday the radio program that I was listening to at lunch was interrupted by loud beeping and then an announcement of a storm alert, with winds over 60mph.  People are asked to remain indoors.  Must have hit the Foothills; only got about 12 drops of rain and a lovely breeze here.  But the ground is still damp from Friday.

This is the season of two-shower days.  With the high humidity, I am soaked working in the garden.  I have to wear a headband to keep the salty sweat from dripping into my eyes.  I wear latex nurses’ gloves under my gardening gloves to keep my hands moist.  The fingers of them fill with water.  You can’t even sit on the furniture until you’ve taken a shower for lunch.  Then, of course, another shower for dinner.  A friend of mine who grew up in Tucson had summer slipcovers for all of the living room furniture, a gentile way to keep sweat stains from the upholstery on their ranch.

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One Response to “Soft Air”

  1. Marje Says:

    Thanks, it’s almost like being there…

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