The Storm

Saturday, July 15, 2012

Storms that dumped more than two inches of rain on the Tucson area on Sunday knocked out power for more than 13,000 customers and led to flash flooding.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that more than 1,000 lightning strikes were recorded when two brief storms blew through Tucson.   Wind gusts of up to 60 mph were recorded at Tucson International Airport.

The Star reports that a woman had to be rescued after she tried to drive her minivan through a flooded intersection.  Separately, rescuers fished a man out of the river out of Santa Cruz River after a bus driver had had seen him clinging to an embankment trying to climb out.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Crews are still repairing the damage from last night’s monsoon storm.  It snapped power poles, caused damage to some businesses, and ripped out trees of all sizes.

The report and the photos are off the internet.   The storm yesterday evening was incredible, slamming against my windows (possibly washing them).  A pottery plate on the table on the deck, 15′ under cover, was filled with water.

After the storm I went out to the deck to retrieve cushions blow off the patio furniture.  There was a bucket in the outdoor sink and the wind had blown it into the faucet handle.  Water was pouring into the bucket which was overflowing into the sink, and because the bucket was covering the drain, half the sink was full.  Luckily I caught that!

There was a nice rainbow.  (My photo here.)   But this morning my sunflowers were ragged and almost bent to the ground.  On the positive side, my texas rangers exploded in bloom, and were buzzing with bees.

In town today many roads were impassible due to the amount of sand and rock swept down the washes.  (And people are always trying to drive through these washes during a storm, hence the rescues.)  Was told not to drive down Oracle Road due to the power lines still down.  Amazing what just 2” of rain can do!

Went out for a walk this afternoon with the grandkids (after seeing the cute Pixar/Disney computer-animated film Brave), and got caught in a very short rainstorm.

Two Coyotes

Saturday morning when I had been in the backyard trimming the dead section out of my myoporum (due to the drip system going off due to a power-out when I was in Fiji), the young coyote was foraging outside my fence, but when it saw me, it stayed away.  I looked around for the cat; she was watching the coyote from a perch high up the spiral staircase.

Last night, after the storm, I saw the young coyote in the yard, dancing with something (a lizard?)  Couldn’t get a picture as the door was covered in raindrops.  Then the coyote dashed through the fence and continued towards the front of the house.

I took my camera out the front door and saw two young coyotes frolicking on my next-door-neighbor’s back patio.  The hedge was in the way of a good photograph, but when I got closer they took off.

BTW, I think this kitsch art is funny: When Coyote Leaves the Reservation by Harry Fonseca.

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One Response to “The Storm”

  1. Jim Says:

    Storms and frolicking coyotes, not in a movie – in reality. I can only imagine it all – with natural rapture, just as my ancestors did many thousands of years ago.

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