Listen to the Mockingbird…

Last night at my daughter’s in Chandler, when all other birds had settled in for the night, a mockingbird sang outside my window until well after midnight.  I checked on the internet and found that “A male mockingbird can have around 150 different songs. These songs may change during his lifetime and increase in number as he gets older. Unmated males will sing all night long.”  A Tucson friend had complained that a mockingbird serenaded her nightly.  I did wish it silenced, but regarding the book by that name:

President Barack Obama hosted a screening of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” a classic tale of racial injustice, at the White House on Thursday, ahead of a 50th anniversary television screening. Obama showed the movie, which is based on the classic novel about Great Depression-era Alabama by Harper Lee, in the White House theater, to an audience of actors and students from the US capital.

“It’s a classic movie that elucidates the need to do the right thing even when it’s hard,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said. He later added that the Pulitzer Prize-winning tale was one of the president’s favorite books. The reclusive Lee said in a statement that she was “deeply honored” that Obama was hosting the screening.


This morning we went to Chandler’s Easter Egg Hunt.  Not exactly the White House’s Easter Egg Roll.  There was a fenced in section of a park, with dead grass, covered in plastic Easter eggs.  A line about a mile long stretched around the park; parents, grandparents, with kids from toddlers to 6-year-olds waited for their turn to “find” four (that was the maximum) eggs.  We decided tImagehat it was definitely not worth the wait, although my granddaughter found many school friends in line to schmooze with.

But it was a fair, so we went to a jumping castle.  Not free!  Rolling Imageinside giant balls looked like fun… $5/ person!  But the kids found some free games, staffed by HS ROTC kids.  (Yes, my granddaughter is wearing rabbit ears, and she knocked down four of the dolls!)

The Arts in the Plaza at St. Philips Plaza last weekend was much smaller, but a better deal.  The kids made macaroni bracelets, got their faces painted, and twisted balloons (his is a pirate sword, hers a butterfly), for a contribution, in addition to chatting with one of the musicians (Brie asked a thousand questions and the guy was great) while the piano player performed, to seeing live owls.

The next day we went to Tucson Botanical Gardens’ Butterfly Magic.  The kids were entranced.  I had to drag them away after over two hours (!) for lunch.

We also dyed some great Easter eggs, with rubber bands and numerous dippings.  I thought that the kids did a great job.

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One Response to “Listen to the Mockingbird…”

  1. Jim Says:

    Be careful what you wish, as you might be re-incarnated as a mockingbird – born through no fault of your own, to sing such richly mocking songs every spring of your reproductive years.

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