St. Patrick’s Day

Yesterday had a hard time finding parking to work out at the downtown Y at 9 am.  People were already lining up for the St. Pat’s Day parade.  Hawkers out with green felt hats, green vuvuzelas (those loud horns), green feathers (?) and so on.  A woman in a T-shirt I’m not Irish but kiss me anyway.  After our workout, walking to retrieve the car, passed the parade preparations.  Bagpipes (as in Scottish?), a fire truck with a leprechaun’s hat.  (These photos from the Web.  Sorry I hadn’t taken my camera.)

Also missed photos of artwork for sale at the Tucson Museum of Art’s Annual Spring Artisans Market.  A full-sized trunk of a pregnant woman done in nails.

Did go to the Tohono Chul Tearoom for a good lunch, then to the Park’s Gourd Festival.  Unfortunately, the wind had picked up and had blown a few of the highly decorated gourds off the tables, breaking.  The purveyors were packing up early.

The wildflowers were gorgeous, the plants protected by fencing to keep out the bunnies, and so lush that the flowers were probably watered too.

Throughout the grounds are pretty awesome metal sculptures of animals, from recycled materials by Kioko Mwitiki, a Kenyan metal artist.  He will be at the Sonoran Spring Celebration next weekend ($100/person).


Just as I was falling asleep last night to the sound of the blustery winds, a crash upstairs.  What had a gust blown over?  Nope.  It seems that the cat, no doubt in an attempt to drink from a large bouquet, had knocked it over.  Surprisingly, the large glass vase had not broken, but a gallon of water and tiny yellow petals were all over the kitchen counter and floor.  In bare feet I mopped up the water and this morning swept up all of the petals.  The cat did not act contrite.

The winds were still blowing this morning but as soon as I heard a few raindrops on the metal stairs outside I dashed for my Sunday NY Times in the driveway.  Not there.  I called; a recorded message said that there had been a problem in production and it would be delivered tomorrow.  A rainy Sunday – the perfect day to sit around and read the news, but no paper.  So I have interspersed housework with continuing to read Cuba Diaries in preparation for my trip to Cuba in May.

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One Response to “St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Jim Says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Sweetheart!

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