Book Festival

This is the third year I’ve volunteered at the Tucson Festival of Books.  Went to the orientation Saturday and it was mentioned that 250 more volunteers are needed for next weekend.  I highly recommend it if you’ve got a couple of hours are are in Tucson March 10-11.  Go to this site,, click on Volunteer on the left, and you’ll have your choice of assignments.  If you don’t want to volunteer, go anyway – it’s lots of fun.  There’s a pullout in today’s (Sunday’s) Arizona Daily Star with the schedules, map, etc.

Last year I worked a “Venue”, basically crowd control, for a talk by Luis Alberto Urrea, whose book, The Devil’s Highway, a very depressing true story, I had read, but a friend subsequently recommended another book by him,The Hummingbird’s Daughter, and that was great in the Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude vein.  Here is my blog from that: 2011/03/12

The previous year my venue was Culinary.  I was so impressed by the presentation, Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, that I bought the book (and got it signed) and have been making bread from it for two years.  Notes on this blog: tucson-is-hopping

This year for something different I signed up for Author Campus Escort.  Don’t know until I get there who I will be escorting, but it should be fun.

Active at 100

My brother emailed me this in response to my blogs on Living Beyond 100:

Since you touched on living well into old age — here’s an article about a guy who wanted to attempt the ‘Hour Record’ for his hundredth birthday. The Hour Record has been attempted by many racers through the years … it’s basically the distance you can ride in an hour around a bicycle track…a very specialized type of riding on a fixed gear bicycle. This guy (French, of course) had done it before when he was younger, and just wanted to try it again to establish a new age record.  after-his-100th

Wow – over 15 mph!  And fixed gear!

Yeah, about 15mph … not blazing, but, hey…the guy’s 100 years old!! Riding a fixed gear isn’t that difficult — harder on the road since you can’t stop pedaling….the only problem is slowing and stopping (and going downhill).  Here’s a shot of the guy after his ride.

More on Tomorrowland

A recap from the last blog and something I had forgotten:

  1. Regrowth, Replacement, Repair
  2. Hardware upgrades
  3. Optional Extras (& Apps)
    The Smart Shirt from Georgia Tech:

Wearable Motherboard(Smart Shirt) for Combat Casualty Care has led to the realization of the world’s first Wearable Motherboard or an “intelligent” garment for the 21st Century. The Georgia Tech Wearable Motherboard uses optical fibers to detect bullet wounds, and special sensors and interconnects to monitor the body vital signs during combat conditions. This Georgia Tech Wearable Motherboard (Smart Shirt) provides an extremely versatile framework for the incorporation of sensing, monitoring and information processing devices.


Seen this week – a young mother dressed in tight black leather walking her young daughter, bouncing in a frilly pink dress, to the bus stop.

One afternoon – a young father, yanking up his baggy jeans, walking his toddler down a flight of stairs at the college, counting each stair, “…sixteen, seventeen…”


I’ve been leaving the house so early now, what with my classes and working, that I’ve missed watching my birds.  Today two Inca doves bobbed back and forth across the patio and peeked in the door (the cat flattened on the bed in attack mode), a flurry of goldfinches took turns in the birdbath with a towhee, and a pyrrhuloxia flitted into the acacia tree.


While some of the US is under snow, Tucson is starting to bloom.  The pink fairy duster (Calliandra eriophylla) in the desert next to Pima College.  Blue lupine next to the road by the college (see below).  The yellows – desert marigolds covering the median outside Pima’s west campus (shown above), feathery cassia, Carolina jasmine.  A section of desert by the college covered in a mustard – Sahara or wormseed?  These other photos below from my neighborhood, (I am lower, next to a wash, and get a slightly later bloom): a good sized brittle bush, a couple of feathery cassias covered in yellow.


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3 Responses to “Book Festival”

  1. Jim Says:

    Some of best books I own were purchased at library book fairs. I get there early to have a complete selection. The book dealers get there early too, snatching up books by dozen.
    If that wonderful 100 year old Frenchman lived nearby, I would offer to write his biography. Luigi Carnaro lives to 102 and wrote a famous book explaining some of healthy lifestyle.
    I pity many of the children today, who come from single parent homes. When I coached soccer, I saw their many deficiencies.
    I very much enjoy your photos of flora and fauna.

  2. Mitch Says:

    For anybody who loves cycling, there is an older movie about a 2x time trial record holder (velodrome) and one time hour record holder, Grahme Obree. Guy has been thru a lot (look him up on Wikipedia…) Movie is called ‘The Flying Scotsman’. Most certainly not an “A” movie, a bit sophmoric in places, but hey, some cycling fans will watch anything about cycling- (like me). Another movie is called Hell on Wheels…..or a new one called Chasing Legends. Love reading your blog. And the photos are good!

  3. NAncy M. Says:

    Hi Lynne, Jim & I will be dropping off Thomas Perry who is a myster/thriller writer. We deliver him to the Hospitality area where I presume volunteers like you pick him up & escort him to his first assignment of the day. I expect our paths will cross on Saturday. See you then, Nancy

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