Ostrich Fishing

The grandkids visited this past weekend, and we started with the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch, which is halfway to Phoenix.  First was the Monster Truck Tour, tearing about the desert, which the kids enjoyed, and learning about the flora (saguaros) and fauna (such as the herd of javelinas caught eating the ostrich eggs).  I especially liked “fishing for ostriches” with quarter grapefruits stuck on screws hung on fishing poles, which they pull off.

We got to feed donkeys, small deer, goats, ostriches (who bite!), and lorikeets, which Brie especially liked.  (Finn didn’t like them on his head.)

After making Christmas cookies we took in the lights at the Reid Park Zoo.  Must have been millions of them.  Sat on the grass to drink hot chocolate and listen to the Tucson High Steel Drum Band.  There was a docent table full of impressive things such as a shark’s jaw (huge) and a whale’s rib (huger).

Sunday morning we decorated the cookies (and ate quite a few) and saw Arthur Christmas which was great fun.  Then Brie insisted upon playing in the Jacuzzi.  Phew!  Not enough time in a weekend!


Not doing too much for decorations this year.  (See my last blog for the Xmas lights fiasco.)  Finally found the wreath my sister-in-law made a dozen years ago and ironed the bow so it doesn’t look so bedraggled.  Got an 18” tree for the dining table which the kids helped me decorate.  No more, as I’ll be in Phoenix for Christmas.


Had a couple of days of rain, so haven’t seen any desert critters other than the hummingbirds in the rosemary, the quail pecking about the ground, the lone javelina crossing the road.  The surrounding mountains are topped with snow, and there was fog this morning.  Of course, have heard the coyotes howling at night.  It is the desert.

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2 Responses to “Ostrich Fishing”

  1. Laura Says:

    We’ve been wanting to go to the ostrich farm!! How fun! Sounds like a fun-filled weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing the fam next week.

  2. Jim Says:

    What a lovely weekend for everyone!

    When we feed the quail just as the weeds have started to sprout, they throw seeds around the house.

    I have ordered from Amazon a couple of realistic plastic horned owls, to deter our family of acorn woodpeckers from making holes in the eve.

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