Saturday was waiting to hear a lecture on Mata Ortiz Pottery at the art museum (photo from the web) and was browsing in the gift shop when I felt a sting on the back of my leg.  I grabbed that section of my jeans and dashed for the restroom where I yanked off my pants and shook out the scorpion.  Asked a docent if they had a refrigerator with ice, and sat on an icepack during the lecture, the drive home, and most of the afternoon.

My own fault.  I remember telling my son the scorpion wouldn’t have been in his jeans if he hadn’t left them on the floor.  Yup – I had taken off my jeans the previous night, folded them and laid them on the floor next to the bed.

But what was weird was that I had the jeans on all morning, and drove to the museum before it stung me.

The first time I had been stung was in the knee, in bed.  (That was the rental house a dozen years ago where I found about three scorpions a week – in the silver drawer, on the dog food, under the cat box, in the bathtub…)  Felt like someone had slammed my knee with a lead pipe, and the pain only lessened gradually for days.  This recent one hurt, but nowhere near that much, and by night the spot was a raised 1” x 2” red rectangle (think he hit me a few times) that itched.  Applied Afterbite to it then and the next day, and that was it.

Did this scorpion just have less poison, or was my knee a worse spot to get hit, or after the first string did my body produce antibodies?  Don’t know.

Christmas Lights

The two oldest grandchildren are visiting this weekend, so I thought that I’d put up Christmas lights.  When I had designed the house the electrical engineer had recommended electric receptacles on the roof for just that purpose.  Had to borrow my neighbor’s extension ladder and started to lug lights up to the roof.  Plugged them in.  Nothing.  So I started turning on switches around the house (those that don’t seem to be connected to anything).  Nothing.  Got out the plans.  The electrical floor plans said that those switches were for the outdoor lights (which were never installed).  There was a note regarding the roof receptacles, but there was no reference to the note on the plan.  (Think the architect should have checked the plans more carefully.)  Started on the GFI switch reset.  Aha!  Didn’t work.  Not sure if the contractor had ever tested it.  Maybe it never worked.  Sigh.  Will take the grandkids to the zoo for their lights (and snow!)


Returning from a movie last night (Eames: the Architect and the Painter at the Loft, where they also had a drawing for an Eames chair) I almost hit a javelina in my neighborhood as it rushed across the road in front of my car.  Just a blur of tan out of the blackness.  (Starr Pass has no streetlights.)  Luckily they’re very fast!


My coleus would be dead if I had left it outside, as the temps have been below freezing for the past four nights.  But every morning there’s a circle of leaves on the floor around it.  Drying out too fast in a heated house?  I watered it more.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have put it in front of the dining room window – too hot in the day, too cold at night? So I move it to the corner of the room.  Still dropping leaves but not as many.  Believe the roots had grown out of the little pot I had planted it in and had gone into the larger pot outdoors where it sat (pot within pot so I could have a manageable sized pot to bring indoors).  Maybe it missed those root ends?


My indoor ivy is blooming.  Have never seen ivy bloom before, but of course, that’s the way plants reproduce.

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3 Responses to “Scorpion”

  1. Jim Says:

    We have plenty of scorpions here too. Two weeks ago, I saw, in a dimly lit corner of the hall, a small insect crawling along the floor. Thinking that it was another small cricket which needed to be put outdoors, I reached down to pick it up. To may surprise, I got an very intense burning sensation. I turned on the light to see that it was a half-grown scorpion. The intense burning sensation only lasted for a couple hours; but my massively red and swolllen thump lasted for two weeks.

    Our Christmas Cactus in nearly in full glorious bloom.
    Our favorite house plants are two species of hoja, which have outlived by decades all of our many other house plants.

    Any sign of Solo?

  2. Jim Says:

    Horned owls, hawks, coyots, bobcats, dogs, and drivers – what chance does little Solo, now last of siblings, have of reaching his first birthday? Does that not depend on the wit and character of his/her father and mother. Mother and Solo must flee, while father must stand his ground and fight. And from them, he/she must learn to distinguish between what is good and what evil. Without his parents, how would little Solo survive – for even a day?

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