A couple of javelinas in the next-door yard today with their little one.  The baby was nursing half of the time, head hidden.  When it appeared, I didn’t want to get too close as Daddy’s hackles were up, so photo has a desert broom in front.  But then they exited along my fence, the baby running, so I got a few blurred photos.

The winds that caused widespread damage in southern California whipped through Arizona the other day, although no trees down or power outs here.  From today’s LA Times:

More than 200,000 California residents were without power early Friday and numerous school districts remained closed as crews worked to clean up broken windows, downed trees and scattered debris.

Clouds followed behind the winds, and we’ve had two days of overcast skies and drizzle, not so great for any tourists here, but we desert dwellers covet every drop.

My arugula is doing great since I discovered a rabbit easing through my wire fence with 2”x4” openings, eating last season’s veggies, and installed chicken wire around the garden.  Unfortunately, a frost is predicted for Monday night.  Believe I’ll lose my cilantro; not sure what else.  But my lettuce has already bolted.  Must remember to bring my coleus (pictured) inside.  The rosemary is blooming and buzzing with bees.

San Diego

I just spent a long weekend with friends in San Diego.  Unfortunately, I missed San Diego’s Craft Revolution from Post-War Modern to California Design at the Mingei International Museum.  My cousin’s friend, Mona Trunkfield, was one of the featured artists with her jewelry.  Here are the two in the show I most liked.  See the rest here: http://www.alliedcraftsmen.org/member_dtl.php?memID=62  I have a necklace and earrings that Mona made from paper mache years ago.

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2 Responses to “Rain”

  1. Jim Says:

    It seems they tragically lost all of their babies, except one. If he/she survives, I suggest the name Solo.
    A lion has move in near our house; the scats are 5-6 solid fur balls – the size of golf balls, all artistically arranged in round pattern.

  2. Aileen Torres Says:

    Love how healthy the coleus looks!

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