Global Warming 2011

Land temperatures have gone up 1°C since the mid 50’s which doesn’t seem like a lot until we consider how the polar caps are melting, which will cause the oceans to rise 1 to 2 meters in the next 100 years. We’ve spent so much time and money saving New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, but it’ll be completely under water (as will Miami and all of southern Florida) in 100 years.

Norfolk, Virginia is already raising its roads a foot because they keep getting flooded. So don’t buy any oceanfront property! If all of Greenland melts, it will raise oceans 7m!

During the University’s Humanities Week a few weeks ago, went to see The water is Rising, a music and dance performance by Pacific Islanders from Kiribati, Tokelau, and Tuvalu who are travelling the globe to bring attention to the problem of the future loss of their islands. Few listened when the President of Kiribati make a plea in 1988 to halt greenhouse gases. (Already they have to import drinking water as the ground water has been salinated; they can no longer grow crops.)

“If the greenhouse effect raises sea levels by 1 metre it will virtually do away with Kiribati… if what the scientists say now is going to be true. In 50 or 60 years, my country will not be there”
President I. Tabai, Kiribati, September 1988

More to come.

For sale

I was going to wait to put my house up for sale until the market improved, but it looks like that’ll be a long haul. So as of this month it is listed. The present photo on MLS is from three years ago when I last had it up for sale. The realtor required new shots, hence a photographer who took some great wide-angle shots. I just have proofs at this point. Here are 5 of the 60.


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One Response to “Global Warming 2011”

  1. Jim Says:

    In these increasingly inflationary times, your property is the best safeguard for your assets. Why suffer an immense loss by selling now – in a buyer’s market? Why not share your house and chores with a couple hardworking biology or ecology graduate students?
    If you can not presently find a good teaching job, why not try some writing and photography for a living? Your many talents can not be taken away from you. What assurance do you have that your social and economic standards will be improved in the future?

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