Climate Change


We seem to have had about one month of fall (the month between 100°+ temperatures and freezing temps) and now winter has dropped. Two days of rain, and snow halfway down the Catalina Mountains at the beginning of the week. 36° Tuesday morning at 7am – no doubt freezing earlier. Frost on the cover of my outdoor spa. Condensation on the glass railing on my deck turned to frost. Frost on the golf course.

Climate Change

Had my last Humanities class yesterday on Climate Change (taught by Jonathan Overpeck, a founding co-director of the Institute of the Environment, as well as a Professor of Geosciences and of Atmospheric Sciences.)

Global warming is very real, but if Perry is still questioning Obama’s birth certificate, how can we expect those Republicans to believe in Climate Change? (Obama was asked if he watched the last Republican debate. His answer: “I’ll wait until they’re all voted off the island.”) But at least 83% of Americans think that the globe in warming, and 71% believe that it’s because of humans.

Human population has exceeded 7 billion since Halloween. (It wasn’t even 3 billion when I was born.)  The rise in greenhouse gases isn’t only because the world population is rising exponentially (see graph), but also due to lifestyle consumption – as people get richer, their energy consumption quadruples. For example, China is transitioning from bicycles to cars.

Biggest jump ever seen in global warming gases
by Seth Borenstein, Associated Press
The world pumped about 564 million more tons of carbon into the air in 2010 than it did in 2009. That’s an increase of 6%. That amount of extra pollution eclipses the individual emissions of all but three countries — China, the United States and India, the world’s top producers of greenhouse gases. Extra pollution in China and the U.S. account for more than half the increase in emissions last year…

More about this next blog.

Schooling for Girls

Our globe is overpopulated, which has caused global warming, and the best remedy for that is education for girls. The strong link between female education and lower fertility is virtually universal. and many other articles.

Greg Mortenson has built 131 schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the caveat that girls be allowed to attend. His works have been well-known since the publication of Three Cups of Tea, but have been contested in a 60 Minutes’ exposé. (See Nicholas D. Kristof’s column

On the other hand, John Wood (who had been a Microsoft marketing director) has opened 12,000 libraries and 1,500 schools around the world through his charity, Room to Read.

In addition, Room to Read’s Girls’ Education program currently supports more than 10,000 girls to complete secondary school in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Zambia. Wow.

The cost per girl for this program is $250 annually. To provide perspective, Kim Kardashian’s wedding is said to have cost $10 million; that sum could have supported an additional 40,000 girls in Room to Read.  (from Nicholas D. Kristof’s column in last Sunday’s NY Times,,%2012,000%20so%20far&st=cse)

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3 Responses to “Climate Change”

  1. Jim Says:

    All species biologically evolved by Natural Selection. The human species, no longer surviving under the natural conditions under which it is adapted for survival, has degenerated mentally and physically. Civilization has temporarly changed the natural conditions to the extreme detriment of many species of animals and plants. For the human, cancer and other degenerative diseases occur – because of the unnatural diets; and, overpopulation and mass destruction occur – because of the unnatural wars and the unnatural means of birth control. But, there is nothing to worry about, because in the end, human instinct – with the survival of fittest, inevitably takes over. Even if only infinitesimal populations of species survive, extinction is averted.

    Presently, many nations, including America, are now in various stages of increasingly intense revolutionary cultural wars. America’s democracy has predictably degenerated into a plutocracy – providing the conditions conductive to a period of Jeffersonian reform by militia rule. The worst and best are yet come.

    Past warming ages of the Earth, global warming, were followed by ice ages – global freezing. Since the residents of Arizona can do little about “global warming”, they would be wise to concentrated on the things they can do somethng about to improving their living conditions: illegal immigration, incompetent public school education, and expensive water.

  2. Jim Says:

    1. Personal: health, social, and economic
    2. State: education, illegal immigration, water supply
    3. National: political plutocracy, economic inflation and outsourcing of jobs, constitutional illegality , and cultural immorality
    4. Global: fossil fuel depletion, desertification and international wars
    5. Planetary: floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and warming and cooling phases

  3. Jim Says:

    Political Plutocracy: international banker’s lobbies who have historically bribed corruptible elected public servants – from presidents down to local officials – to enable them to make runinous speculative loans with saver’s deposits – in order to steal assets from naive borrowers and the tax payers; and the corporate lobbies who bribe to get legislation advantageous to their businesses – to detriment of the majority.

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