This morning one of the leather sandals I leave outside my bedroom door was missing.  Found it twenty feet away next to the fence.   Had a bobcat played with it, liking its scent, and dropped it before he exited the yard?


Factoid from the book Sex on Six Legs: Male honeybee genitals explode after sex.  Imagine if that started happening to humans.  No more rape, no men walking around with hairy palms, the Chinese no longer throwing away their girls, Muslims and that Arizona Mormon sect giving up polygamy, a decreasing populace for our underfed, overpopulated world.  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Conquest, War, Famine and Death) would no longer be needed to keep down the surplus population.  Third world countries would depopulate the fastest, as only the Rich could afford in vitro fertilization to keep up their numbers. ( I’m not up to the calculus, but given the world population, around 7 billion, and a generation of 20 years, without in vitro fertilization, how long would it take for the population to be down to the one Adam?)  And what would the Rich do without the Poor?  Who would clean their houses, trim their hedges, manufacture their cars, buy their products?



The sky has been filled with gorgeous clouds, and lightening shows with the accompanying thunder, but there have been but a few drops of rain here since Monday night.  The rain must have been on the south side.  The Santa Cruz River is a roiling chocolate from bank to bank.  The weather has cooled down (that means it’s below 100°), and the clouds are supposed to be gone by the end of the week.  (My neighborhood is nice in that there are no power poles or power lines to obstruct the views and photographs.)

My Mask

In preparation for my upcoming radiation treatments, I have been fitted for a lead mask.  Nothing as artistic as this one for The Man in the Iron Mask.  I couldn’t see it, of course, but it seemed to be an amalgam of lead patches, including a plug for my left nostril, held together by tape, with just a circle of my nose showing.


I love to google, but am considering stopping because Google pays only 2.4% US tax.  They have two shell countries that funnel their assets into a Bermuda bank, where there is no corporate tax.  Imagine if they were patriotic, how they could help eliminate the deficit and the whole cycle of layoffs that brouhaha has engendered. 

Income shifting commonly begins when companies like Google sell or license the foreign rights to intellectual property developed in the U.S. to a subsidiary in a low-tax country. That means foreign profits based on the technology get attributed to the offshore unit, not the parent. Under U.S. tax rules, subsidiaries must pay “arm’s length” prices for the rights — or the amount an unrelated company would.

…That licensee in turn owns Google Ireland Limited, which employs almost 2,000 people in a silvery glass office building in central Dublin, a block from the city’s Grand Canal. The Dublin subsidiary sells advertising globally and was credited by Google with 88 percent of its $12.5 billion in non-U.S. sales in 2009.

Allocating the revenue to Ireland helps Google avoid income taxes in the U.S., where most of its technology was developed. The arrangement also reduces the company’s liabilities in relatively high-tax European countries where many of its customers are located.

The profits don’t stay with the Dublin subsidiary, which reported pretax income of less than 1 percent of sales in 2008, according to Irish records. That’s largely because it paid $5.4 billion in royalties to Google Ireland Holdings, which has its “effective centre of management” in Bermuda, according to company filings.

Tax planners call such an arrangement a Double Irish because it relies on two Irish companies. One pays royalties to use intellectual property, generating expenses that reduce Irish taxable income. The second collects the royalties in a tax haven like Bermuda, avoiding Irish taxes.

To steer clear of an Irish withholding tax, payments from Google’s Dublin unit don’t go directly to Bermuda. A brief detour to the Netherlands avoids that liability, because Irish tax law exempts certain royalties to companies in other EU- member nations. The fees first go to a Dutch unit, Google Netherlands Holdings B.V., which pays out about 99.8 percent of what it collects to the Bermuda entity, company filings show. The Amsterdam-based subsidiary lists no employees.

To close, here’s a quote from Susan Jacoby in “…the New Old Age”: old age… despite what the marketers of longevity will tell you, no one ever survives it.

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  1. Jim Says:

    Radiation will severely damages the healthy cells too, irreversibly breaking some their DNA. Chemical treatments and surgery are the only safe methods. I have seen a photo of a patient who had lost the entire end of his nose, and went around with a plastic nose. But, radiation kills the cancer fastest. Often, in modern medicine survival depends entirely on your choice of treatments. Fortunately, Google provides the means for educated folks to make the best choices.

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