They bug me

Three scorpions in my bedroom on three successive nights.  Or the same one?  I put a glass over them, a card under them, and toss them outside into the rosemary.  Maybe it’s one homing scorpion?

ANTS!  I know I’ve been in this house too long.  Reconnaissance parties in the kitchen completely ignore the ant traps I’ve put out.  (They’re supposed to take the poisoned food back to the nest…)  Up ‘til now they’ve kept to the sinks – any dirty dishes, apples cores.  But found one in a pull-out drawer on my cereal box this morning.  Then found a few on the cat food in the bathroom drawer.  Aargh!  I’d hate to have to spray the house.  I hate killer chemicals, which kill not only the insects but the lizards and toads and consequently some birds too, and percolate into the aquifer.

Driving home the other evening I noticed a red bird of paradise in a neighbor’s yard whipping back and forth.  Strange.  Then, in the twilight I saw the herd of (14?) javelinas nestled in all around his front yard.  One was digging in next to the red bird.

My ocotillo, which had not bloomed in the spring when ALL of the other ocotillos were blooming, was not dead, as I had suspected after our dreadful frost.  It completely leafed out during this monsoon season.

A rabbit cleaning itself in my driveway.  A coyote crossing the road.

A covey of quail making a dreadful squawking racket outside the fence yesterday morning.  Two competing families?  Or just everyone talking at the same time, as my father’s family?  When I went outside they quieted and scurried off.  Wish it were that easy with my geometry students.

Speaking of which, got a note from a friend: “I have just started the complicated process of securing your sainthood. You should be hearing from the Vatican shortly.”

Everything’s relative

Last Sunday’s NY Times had an article in the Styles section, “That Look of Celebrity”.  Victoria Beckham (you know – that Spice Girl who married the soccer player) has added a purse to her line of clothing.  It costs $30,000.  Yes, the price of a car.  More than my hypothetical) take-home pay for a year.  No wonder the ultra-rich need tax breaks.

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One Response to “They bug me”

  1. Jim Says:

    We have had a serious problem with ants here too – for many years. And I have tried all of the commercial poisons and shown that none eliminate the ants. Our solution, in desperation is to fight a war of attrition. Every ant which appears on the counter is crushed with the index finger. It takes 1-2 weeks to entirely them stop them from coming. But it only takes a couple days before only a few come. Our ants give off a acrid odor when crushed. I suspect that this evidence of ant slaughter deters others from coming. As
    Edward O. Wilson has shown, there is an enormous number of ant species.

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