Coffee, Paperwork, and Acupuncture

A friend emailed me this link:

A yet unidentified component of coffee interacts with the beverage’s caffeine, which could be a surprising reason why daily coffee intake protects against Alzheimer’s disease…

So I will continue with my morning’s latte, but now it’s to ward off Alzheimer’s.


My paperwork is not so far out-of-hand that I need to make tunnels in my living room (yes, the Public Fiduciary found a house like that in Tucson) but I do worry about a year’s pile of New Yorkers (probably only finished reading four out of the year of weeklies), my recipes, cut out of magazines, that I have never made, or maybe not made in ten years, my “to do” pile, and then there’s Medicare.  Because I soon turn 65, I’ve been getting ads in the mail for weeks.  A friend suggested that I call Pima Council on Aging, as they may give advice.  Yes, they give a two-hour seminar once a month, and August is already booked!  (And yes, I signed up for September.)

Checking out Medicare’s website I found that there’s Part A (Hospital Insurance), Part B (Medical Insurance with annual $162 deductible), Part C (a Medicare Advantage Plan, like an HMO or PPO which will cover all Part A and B and maybe D, which may be a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan or a Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plan or an HMO Point of Service (HMOPOS) Plan or a Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plan), choice Part D (a stand-alone drug plan).  Then You may want to get coverage that fills gaps in Original Medicare coverage. You can choose to buy a Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance) policy from a private company.  This is not needed if you choose Part C.  Gee, isn’t it nice to have choices.  What a maze!  I also discovered that my Initial Enrollment Period for Medicare benefits will begin on August 1, 2011.  That’s tomorrow.  I’ve got to start figuring all of this out.  Aaargh!


Nothing too exciting.  My cat caught a lizard for me, but I got to it before it had even dropped its tail, and put her inside.

Lizards lose their tails to throw off predators.  Even after a tail detaches, nervous spasms make a newly dropped lizard tail wag around as if it’s alive. The headless appendage startles predators and gives tailless lizards a few precious moments to escape, relatively unharmed.

A quail couple was crossing the road with only one chick.  Wonder who got the others, snake, hawk.  They’re too small for coyotes or bobcats to bother with.  A couple of weeks ago a different couple was herding their brood across the street.  Think that there were ten or twelve, hard to count the tiny feathery bodies.


Stress on my neck at the shoulder (from the volleyball injury ten years ago) had gotten so bad by the time I took The Dreadful Math Test that I went in for a shiatsu massage (serious thumb work).  That helped somewhat, but I was still popping the occasional ibuprofen.

My mother had gone every other week for acupuncture for years for her Meniere’s disease (until she finally lost hearing in that ear, and the disease was gone).  It had worked for her, so I decided to try it.  What I hadn’t remembered is that acupuncturists, like chiropractors, want you to come on a regular basis, to “keep you aligned”.  Plus acupuncturists want you to purchase all of the herbal supplements which are probably good for you, but may or may not help your particular affliction.  (I am doing neither.)

First she did “cupping” in the knotted area.  Two of the five cups left bruises, which she said indicated the areas with the most problem.

Cupping therapy is the method of using cups to create localized pressure by a vacuum.  Nowadays, cupping sets use suction to create the vacuum.  The vacuum inside the cups causes the blood to form in the area and help the healing in that area.  Another healing aspect of cupping therapy is through the release of toxins in your body.  The suction from the cups can penetrate deep into your tissues causing the tissues to release harmful toxins.  It triggers the lymphatic system, clears the blood vessels, and stretches and activates the skin.

Then the needles, which I could barely feel.  I felt very tranquil immediately afterwards, but for the next few days still had minor pain.  Then it was gone.  Wow!

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2 Responses to “Coffee, Paperwork, and Acupuncture”

  1. N Says:

    I recently tossed a large pile of clipped recipes that I had never made. They look so “right” when you cut ’em outta the newspaper! I did remember making one of them.

  2. Jim Says:

    Memory loss is neglible with natural diet and exercise. The amount of research done on this subject is vast – and easily accessible.
    If the exact causes of pain are identifed and treated by posture, rest, and excercises they do not generally become chronic – as they do when only the symptoms are treated – by poisoning the nervous system. All animals have evolved, over millions of years, highly effective means of self-repair; pain is the guide for what urgently needs to done, in order the self-repair to progress.

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