The Arts and Crafts Movement

I’m back in Tucson (what a storm last night!) but I’ll recount more of my San Diego trip.

Sunday night we saw Hershey Felder in concert with “The Great American Songbook.”  I had missed him when he performed in Tucson.  He was great!  He started with Irving Berlin and intertwined the stories of the lives of our composers with their music.  Part of it was a sing-along, as everyone knew these favorites.  And humor, such as telling us how he played Golde, the wife, in “Fiddler on the Roof”  at the age of 15 at the Yiddish Theater in Montreal (the performance in Yiddish) when the actress ended up in the hospital, as (at that young age!) he was directing it and knew all of the parts.

Monday, with a Tucson friend (while the men in the family golfed), toured Marston House, just outside of Balboa Park.  It was being built Tudor style until Irving Gill, its architect, met Frank Lloyd Wright and presumably blended it with his Prairie Style, but it is really a Greene-and-Greene Arts and Crafts style (although not as good as their work, such as Gamble House in Pasadena.)

The next day we saw the Stickley Arts and Crafts exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art.

After lunch we visited the Mingei International Museum which had a lighthearted exhibit on Maneki Neko, Japan’s Beckoning Cats (a collection of 155 cats given to the Museum by a woman who had never been been to Japan!)  This was woven into its permanent collection of Japanese furniture, particularly that of George Nakashima, who had learned woodworking in one of our WWII camps.

And happened into their current exhibit of African American Quilts (as I have happened into quilt shows at the de Young Museum at Golden Gate Park while visiting my brother, and the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show while visiting cousins in Oregon).  Rather like this one made of old jeans.  You can see when the pockets have been removed.

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2 Responses to “The Arts and Crafts Movement”

  1. N Says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely trip….right up your alley! : )

  2. Watching Seasons Says:

    Art museums are great for getting different insights!

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