Vancouver continued

So, you ask, what else did I do in Vancouver?

Unfortunately, due to rain or impending rain, we did not go on our canoeing /camping trip to Lake Alouette.   We hung around the city.  And I realized that I no longer love big cities.  Too much noise, pollution, and time and energy (and money) spent getting around.

Grouse Mountain

Went to Grouse Mt on my final day there (the only one not threatening rain) where there is skiing in the winter (except for Winter Olympics).  To get there we had to walk nine blocks to the skytrain (although we could have taken the same amount of time waiting for a bus), the skytrain to the water taxi to get to North Vancouver.  Then a very crowded bus to the base of the mountain when we stood in yet another line for the very expensive gondola to the top.   Great views, pricey lunch.

Cute, touristy lumberjack show.  Orphaned grizzly bears raised there.  Paragliding, hang gliding, ziplines way too costly.  No time for the raptor show (which appears to be similar to that at the Desert Museum).  Back down by gondola, bus, water taxi, skytrain, walk.  (Two and a quarter hours transit each way.)

Olympic Village

Spent another day strolling around Olympic Village.  (Love the sculptures of the giant finches.)   The apartments were to be sold after the Olympics, but by counting outdoor furniture on balconies, they only look one-quarter full.  According to Wikipedia:

As of January 2011, the village’s developer has failed to make loan repayments, forcing Vancouver to place the property in receivership. Of the 737 apartments for sale in the development, only half have been purchased.

No wonder.  Check out today’s prices for Vancouver real estate.  It is more cost effective to rent than to buy at this time.  (Probably the same in New York City.)  But loved the natural gardens and the architecture.

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  1. Watching Seasons Says:

    A giant finch sculpture! That’s different 🙂

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